Wolfram Programming Cloud Beta Released to Public

Wolfram Programming has been around for nearly 25 years. The math based programming language has recently released their cloud version to the general public.

On the Wolfram Programming Cloud homepage, Wolfram says that “With its philosophy of building in vast algorithmic and knowledge resources, and its commitment to maximum automation, the Wolfram Language dramatically changes the economics and possibilities of programming. And with its Universal Deployment System, anything you create can instantly be deployed through API, web, mobile, embedded code, and more.”

Using the language, users can easily create rich graphics, intense computations and other autonomous functions. In fact, Wolfram published a video on YouTube (featured below) that goes over the general functionality of the Wolfram Programming Cloud. The video is less than 5 minutes long and it provides a general overview of the new service.

The best part about the Wolfram Programming Cloud is that it is free to use. Projects that are large or small can find a home in the Wolfram Programming Cloud. When you signup for an account at Wolfram, you’ll be able to launch apps on Wolfram’s cloud and subsequently share it out to others. Wolfram describes specific benefits such as “The new Programming Cloud will enable new classes of software applications such as computational Web services, enterprise-wide computation components and data-driven applications, as well as new algorithmically based startups.” If you are looking to commercially distribute an application, Wolfram has an upgraded plan for your organization to utilize that is fee based.

If you are new to the Wolfram Programming language, Wolfram has code for you to try out which will help you get the hang it. The examples gallery or the getting started videos are the two most commonly used starting points for those who wish to utilize the Wolfram Programming Cloud.