Works Systems Device Management Cloud Adds Support for Intel's IoT Gateway

Image Attribution: Flickr

Works Systems has emerged as one of top IoT device management vendors. In the company’s latest announcement, WorksSys has updated its IoT Device Management Cloud Platform to support Intel’s IoT Gateway.
When organizations begin to heavily utilize IoT, it becomes natural for them to want to have an all inclusive management suite for these sensors. Since Intel’s IoT Gateway is quickly gaining popularity among developers, the Works Systems IoT Device Management Cloud gives developers and administrators a simple and easy way to manage all of their Intel IoT Gateway devices.
Works Systems’ says that by adding support for the Intel IoT Gateway, organizations can accurate predict when they will go to market, while simultaneously streamlining the management of the devices after they have been put into production.
Works Systems’ IoT Device Management Cloud makes it easy for developers to scale out the management and deployment of their IoT sensors. WorksSys mentions that its IoT DM Cloud supports the following  standards and frameworks:

  • TR-069
  • XMPP
  • CoAP
  • MQTT
  • IoTivity

In addition to being able to manage all of your IoT sensors through a single pane of glass, WorksSys gives organizations the ability to:

  • Discover new devices
  • Register the new devices
  • Provisioning new devices
  • Provide software/firmware upgrades
  • Monitor performance
  • View diagnostics
  • Perform troubleshooting

Joe Shih, the Business Development Director at Works Systems mentions, “With the launch of the next generation Intel® IoT Gateway and a larger industry focus on developing the IoT ecosystem, we believe the emerging IoT market across diverse segments will be realized very soon.”
Works Systems is based out of Sunnydale, California. A press release indicates that the IoT company has branch offices located in Southeast Asia, Japan and Europe. The rapidly growing company provides machine to machine (M2M) and IoT management solutions for industries. You can learn more about Works Systems at