World’s First Blockchain Traceability in Olive Oil Supply Chain from Blocksyte and Caroli

Industry leaders in SaaS, Blocksyte has created the first blockchain traceability protocol to be featured in the olive oil supply chain. Blocksyte has been focused on the food industry for quite some time, and the recent partnership with Caroli has proven successful. Caroli is a world-renowned producer of exceptional extra virgin olive oil.

The application can track the entire sourcing process, including shipments between countries, humidity information, temperature readouts, real-time location, and even how much light is hitting the olive oil to ensure the highest quality possible.

Ben D’Antico, CEO of Caroli USA Inc. said, “We are excited to use blockchain to monitor our olive oil from the production facility through customs clearance and into our warehouses. This ensures that our customers can be confident that they are paying for and receiving a premium product, which has been tracked from the bottling source.”

Utilizing IoT devices throughout the shipments, the team is able to review real-time information about the shipment to control the quality of the olive oil as it is shipped. If the temperature, humidity, or light exposure are out of optimal ranges, the team can quickly address the problem to minimize the risk of issues with the shipment.

With the recent success of the project, both Blocksyte and Caroli are already in talks of expanding traceability to the source of the olives, tracking growing conditions in real-time. Blocksyte is also going to help in the retail space, ensuring that the final retail shipments are received on-time and handled with care.

What makes this partnership so unique is the ability for end-user customers to trace their specific bottle using a unique code on the label. Buyers can gain access to the blockchain to track the exact history of the bottle, from the initial production to the final delivery.