Y Combinator Startups Get $250k for DigitalOcean Droplets

DigitalOcean is one of the best startup stories in all of cloud computing.
Backed by TechStars, DigitalOcean rose to prominence by doing one thing differently: They simplified the pricing structure of Infrastructure as a Service.
DigitalOcean has decided to give back to other thriving startups by offering $250,000 in DigitalOcean credits that can be used to spin up droplets.
If you’re new to DigitalOcean, you’ll quickly realize that the word droplet is used interchangeably with the term virtual machine. These DigitalOcean droplets can host both development environments and production environments for your startup.
For tech startups, one of the biggest initial costs can be hosting. If a startup can become synched up with Y Combinator, the $250,000 cloud infrastructure credit can certainly help propel the next big app or idea into the mainstream.
“Lots of YC founders are already huge fans of DigitalOcean,” says the Y Combinator post about the new partnership DigitalOcean.
“Their cloud control panel is dead simple, their customer success team offers excellent support, and they provide a great price-to-performance offering; Thanks to DigitalOcean for this offer!” the blog post went on to say.
You might remember Microsoft’s pledge to grant up to $500,000 in cloud credits to Y Combinator’s startup community.
Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform have both previously mentioned that they offer these types of cloud credit incentives for qualified startup businesses.
Cloud hosting companies are eager to develop early relationships with startup companies.
The idea is, if a cloud hosting provider can get you to become a loyal customer when you’re first starting out, the cloud hosting provider could earn all of your business in the years to come.
If your startup takes off, you can assume that a startup would remain loyal to the IaaS provider that helped them out in the beginning.