Zayo selected to provide connectivity for Cloud Infrastructure Provider

A leading cloud infrastructure provider has selected Zayo Group Holdings, Inc. for its new data center to provide wavelength connectivity. The long-haul wavelength solution will connect the data center for the company which is located on the West Coast.
The solution includes multiple 100G wavelengths, with fully diverse connectivity, meeting the provider’s requirements for highly reliable capacity to support current and future growth.
Consumers, small businesses and large enterprises continue to migrate more of their storage and workload to cloud providers. These providers are upgrading their capacity and improving core networks to meet the growing demand, which is expected to continue to accelerate.
President of Zayo Networks and COO, Jack Waters, said. “Our fiber networks connect directly to the majority of third-party and enterprise-owned data centers, positioning us as the partner of choice for cloud infrastructure providers. We look forward to building this important relationship and supporting this customer’s growth and success.” Zayo owns a fiber network that spans more than 122,000 route miles in North America and Europe. The network is connected to 29,402 buildings, including 11,300 data centers, 15,300 enterprise buildings, and 6,000 cellular towers.
Zayo Group Holdings, Inc. provides communications infrastructure services, including fiber and bandwidth connectivity, colocation and cloud infrastructure to the world’s leading businesses. Customers include wireless and wireline carriers, media and content companies and finance, healthcare and other large enterprises. Zayo operates a Tier 1 IP network, with settlement-free peering with all other Tier 1 providers. Zayo’s services include dark fiber, wavelengths, SONET, Ethernet, IP services, colocation, wireless backhaul and small cells. In addition to high-capacity dark fiber, wavelength, Ethernet and other connectivity solutions, Zayo offers colocation and cloud infrastructure in its carrier-neutral data centers. Zayo provides users with flexible, customized solutions and self-service through Tranzact, an innovative online platform for managing and purchasing bandwidth.