Zendesk Prepares for an IPO

Zendesk is a cloud company that bridges together all forms of communication for organizations. In one dashboard, an organization can monitor all of their social media activity as well as emails and internal office communications. The collaboration features of Zendesk allow users to conference together about a particular item in Zendesk before releasing the official company response.

Zendesk has received much praise from industry analysts. That is why this Initial Public Offering was somewhat expected and a seemingly logical next step. Zendesk looks to follow in the footsteps of companies like Salesforce.com by going public and tapping into more investment capital. Reports show that Zendesk has already received $60M in funding from venture capitalists. It has been said that Zendesk took in about $70M total last year in revenue. There are no official reports confirming the profitability of Zendesk since the company is private.
Don’t expect to see this IPO in the first part of 2014 though. You may have to wait several months while all of the fine print and red tape is sorted out. Goldman Sachs will spearhead this IPO. It is unclear what Zendesk’s ticker symbol will be. The IPO will be underwritten by Morgan Stanley. More information about the business side of this IPO is available at the Wall Street Journal.
Zendesk is known for providing data to organizations that can be the key to realizing client perception and improving client perfection. So many times, clients will find creative methods of contacting your organization and the correct person may not be able to field the message. Giving your clients the best customer experience is a driver of positive online reviews which will net your organization more attention and more clients. Some of the largest companies are affiliated with Zendesk. Companies like Disney, Groupon and Sony all currently use the Zendesk platform in order to deliver a consistent customer service experience.