Zentera and Runtime Design Use Cloud over IP for Burstable Hybrid Cloud

Image Attribution: Zentera.net

When organizations want to deploy high performance computing, they typically try to buy hardware and host these types of infrastructures on site.
What if that isn’t enough? Data center constraints can play a factor, as well as costs and the time it takes setup physical infrastructure. Bursting your high performance workloads into the cloud instantly sounds like a great idea.
There are inherent risks and complications that can happen when trying this setup out of the box, which is why Zentera and Runtime Design Automation have introduced a solution called Mentor Graphics Eldo Circuit Simulator which allows high performance computing workloads to burst over into the hybrid cloud using CoIP, a new innovation that stands for Cloud over IP.
“Secure bursting to the cloud is the next frontier for the supercomputing industry,” says Dr. Jaushin Lee, President and CEO of Zentera.
“Using Zentera’s CoIP approach significantly simplifies bursting into the cloud by eliminating the need for cumbersome conventional networking techniques. Our on-demand secure networking matches the on-demand burst computing model,” adds Dr. Lee.
Zentera goes on to say that businesses can spin up VMs in the cloud, implement and define an overlay network connection using virtual networks and securely burst over into the hybrid cloud when additional high performance computing resources are needed.
By using the Cloud over IP protocol, organizations can skip the network configurations that bottleneck high performance computing tasks allowing the workloads to spill over into the hybrid cloud autonomously, transparently and immediately.
Zentera’s Cloud over IP protocol is patent pending, meaning no other companies are providing this exact technique to burst over into the hybrid cloud.
If you are interested seeing Zentera and Runtime Design Automation’s burstable hybrid cloud technology in action, you can stop by booth #3309 at the Supercomputing 2015 conference being held in Austin, TX throughout this week.