ZeroStack Brings 'Easy to Configure' Private Cloud to the Enterprise

Image Attribution: Flickr

ZeroStack is a startup that gives organizations the ability to deploy private cloud within their infrastructure that is both easy to use and maintain. With ZeroStack, businesses can setup the new platform and have access to their private cloud resources through a SaaS portal. Users can build servers, request storage and more within their ZeroStack private cloud using the self-service portal that ZeroStack provides to its customers.
ZeroStack says that it is the first in the industry to build a complete, scalable private cloud the converges compute, storage, networking and management nodes into a self-healing infrastructure. Within the SaaS interface, ZeroStack gives administrators the ability to monitor, troubleshoot and plan out future cloud deployments. ZeroStack also has a powerful analytics engine, which can be configured to predict failures.  When organizations have actionable intelligence, they can act before failures impact end user services.
“Private clouds are an essential element of many organizations’ IT strategies, but they have been frustrated by the complexity, slow time to value and cost of deploying and running them,” says Ajay Gulati, the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer at ZeroStack.
“ZeroStack was founded on the belief that every enterprise should be able to stand up a private cloud without having to stitch together complex software and hardware or rely on expensive technical teams to run it. A private cloud should be as easy to consume as a public cloud,” concludes Gulati.
In 2014, ZeroStack took an investment of $5.6M from Foundation Capital. ZeroStack has stayed off the radar since earning that investment, while its engineers continued to work behind the scenes on refining the ZeroStack platform. ZeroStack earns its name from the system in which it runs upon: OpenStack. As many cloud engineers know, OpenStack is quickly becoming one of the more popular private cloud suites as organizations such as BMW, Walmart and others have begun using it within their enterprises.
With ZeroStack, businesses can get the power of OpenStack without having to sink significant investment into learning all about the individual nuances of the platform. ZeroStack has streamlined OpenStack, to provide businesses with an easy to use private cloud infrastructure.