Zillow Offers Expands to Cincinnati

Zillow is a recognized name in real estate sales and rentals, but the company has recently started expanding into the market as a broker itself. Its most recent strides into this area of the real estate business come with the company’s announcement that it intends to expand its Zillow Offers system to Cincinnati. Zillow Offers is an attempt by the company to start acquiring properties on their own. With homeowners looking for a time-sensitive method of closing sales, Zillow has decided to buy these properties at their market value and then flip them on the market. By simply entering their address and answering a few questions, then choosing a close date between seven and ninety days, residents of the Cincinnati area can sell their properties directly to Zillow in a hassle-free, timely way.

Control, Convenience, and Certainty

Since the collapse of the housing bubble in 2008, selling a home has become a bit more complicated. Zillow already allows users to offer up their house for sale online, but finding a buyer might take months, even years, sometimes, depending on location and availability. Zillow Offers seeks to alleviate the uncertainty of selling a home by letting the seller have a single point of contact with a reputable company. The convenience of selling online, coupled with the options that users have to sell their properties and the certainty that Zillow will pay its offer price is among the most comforting things that a homeowner can encounter when putting their home up for sale. Zillow doesn’t just put the property back up for sale, however. The company intends to repair and renovate (if necessary) existing properties. People who look into Zillow to buy one of their acquired properties can rest assured that they’re getting a livable home when they decide to close the deal.

Expanding to More Cities Soon

Cincinnati is the 24th city that Zillow Offers has become available n, but the company isn’t intending to stop anytime soon. Reports suggest that Zillow may be looking at entering the real estate markets in Jacksonville, FL, and Oklahoma City, OK this year.