Amazon Web Services Recognizes Trend Micro As Launch Partner for New Service

The Amazon VPC Ingress Routing is a newly designed service aimed to help customers simplify the integration of network and security appliances within their network topology. With Amazon VPC Ingress Routing, customers can define routing rules at the Internet Gateway (IGW) and Virtual Private Gateway (VGW) to redirect ingress traffic to third-party appliances, before it reaches the destination. This makes it easier for customers to deploy production-grade applications with the networking and security services they require within their Amazon VPC. Another major advantage is the fact that cloud network security becomes more simplified with this integration to Amazon VPC Ingress Routing.

“Cloud security continues to be the highest priority for AWS, and we are committed to helping customers achieve the highest levels of security in the cloud,” said David Brown, Vice President, Amazon EC2, Amazon Web Services, Inc. “As companies move and scale their infrastructure in the cloud, they are looking for ways to easily insert and manage security appliances directly inline. With Amazon VPC Ingress Routing, Trend Micro’s cloud network security solution is anticipated to be available in the AWS Marketplace to help customers address their network security needs quickly, and without disruption, in the cloud.”

Through this new service, Trend Micro customers will also gain some benefits which include more flexibility and control traffic routing, with transparent deployment and no need to re-architect. Deploying inline allows customers to be proactive in their network security – preventing and disrupting attacks before they can be successful.

As such, integrating with the Amazon VPC Ingress Routing feature can deliver network security that allows customers to quickly reach security and compliance by inspecting both ingress and egress traffic. This results in a deployment experience that reduces disruptions to network or business operations.

“Cloud network-layer security that many wished for is now here,” said Wendy Moore, vice president of product marketing for Trend Micro. “Trend Micro provides multi-layered hybrid cloud security for thousands of customers on AWS. Amazon VPC Ingress Routing allows for the broad adoption and enhanced deployment flexibility for our cloud network security solutions, enabling our customers to protect their Amazon VPCs quickly and at scale, without disrupting their business applications.”

As a result of this service feature, there are a number of shared customers between Trend Micro and Amazon Web Services, one of such being Armor. Being a known service provider of cloud security- as- a- service, Armor has also tested the newly released service by AWS.  

According to Josh Bosquez, the Chief Technology Officer for Armor, “We are excited to see this innovation in the market as more and more businesses look to boost security in their hybrid environments. As a security-as-a-service provider and an APN Advanced Technology Partner, we support Trend Micro’s initiative to help customers using AWS as they deploy pervasive security across Amazon VPCs and regions without disrupting the network.”