Cloudious9 Releases New Herb Vaporizer; The Atomic9

Made from materials such as Aluminium alloy body, the atomic9 product is a carefully designed sleek and portable vaporizer. It was created with an aim to achieve optimal user’s satisfaction at experience and also with the enhancement of vapor quality in mind.

The major features of this appliance includes;

  • An extremely short heating timespan
  • An interface that can be self- navigated by its users
  • An embedded chamber for residue cleaning
  • A magnetic mouthpiece
  • Well attractive and small design for mobility
  • A temperature ranging from 365°F to 428°F, thereby enabling switches between 6 temperature modes
  • A dual layer heating technology type
  • Highest vapor quality mode

According to the CEO of Cloudious9, Richard Huang, these features were created with the mind of pushing the previously set boundaries of heating efficiencies out of focus. The new creation was made to be small to aid mobility and it is also quite very cost-effective, making it an easily accessible tool for all users.

Cloudious9 is a known global company that helps in the creation of technological advancements that will aid the a more comfortable usage for cannabis consumption especially for those suffering from illness. They are focused on inventing highly innovative products which enhances the new and positive use of cannabis and also assures customers of an immense satisfaction beyond their imagination.

The newly released product; the atomic9 being one of them, merges the properties of convection heating in creating a consistency in vapor released with a conduction heating type through the efficiency of the space and energy conducted, this combination helps to create a process that beats the normal traditional vaporizer design into one that is fully conscious of the user’s need and satisfies them.

Another feature of this product is the Retractable Herb Loading Shovel feature; this helps in filling the product with the wanted size of herb without getting it messy before use. It also has a cleaning property made possible by the Residue Cleaning Chamber Property.

This newly released product is a way of showing that even pain points solutions are not excluded from technological innovative advancements.