Cumberland and Chronicled to Collaborate on New MediLedger Project

Chronicled is a San Francisco based software technology company that focuses on the use of blockchain to provide efficiency, trust and automation to global supply chains. By developing new innovative solutions, Chronicled helps in decentralizing blockchain networks which also support multi- party supply chain ecosystems. The company, which is a member of certain associations such as Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, Trusted IoT Alliance and Mobility Open Blockchain Initiative is also a well-known name in industries including Pharmaceuticals industries and also Precious Metals and Minerals industries.

The company, together with Cumberland recently announced that they would be combining forces to help with the developmental progression of their MediLedgr project. The MediLedger project is a technological initiative that helps in ensuring that block- chained powered ecosystems are well built while also ensuring adequate supply of chain solutions. This partnership puts Cumberland in the position of a preferred systems integration partner for Chronicled.

In this partnership deal, Chronicled will aid Cumberland to launch their own specific custom made permissioned blockchain network based on open standards and specifications. Cumberland, being a globally leading expert firm in the area of contract and revenue management systems, was selected as the partner firm by Chronicled also as a result of the development and implementation of accelerators which helps to support complex systems implementation.

According to comments made by the current Managing Partner of Cumberland’s Life Sciences Division, Jeff Lee, “We look forward to bringing our team’s expertise with pharma revenue management systems to help advance MediLedger’s industry- leading blockchain technology. It is exciting to be involved in helping to simplify the complexities of the pharma supply chain through the use of cutting- edge blockchain technologies.”

The initiative in question has gradually been fulfilling its aim, however little as significant progress is being recorded with regards to this. Operations such as saleable return drug verification, has had standard protocols established under it. As a result of this protocol establishment, there is a guarantee of its full functionality in aspects such as change of ownership of products, and also request and response messaging.

As such, there is an overall progress in the ecosystem whereby competitors and partners can always improve their business operations and processes across the industry value chain while also creating the most useful networking cycle while at it.

Cumberland is a leading organization with its focus on healthcare consulting and services firm. Specific services provided by this organization includes analytic solutions, professional information technology services, outsources managed services and also strategic advisory consulting services. With these range of services to be provided, Cumberland works with a host of fully experienced professionals who work hand in hand with clients to ensure a more effective operation on both ends and therefore an increased rate of productivity for the client.