Edify Huddle—The Contact Center Platform For Agents

When it comes to building a business, you need to please your customers first and foremost. If your customers aren’t happy, then success is not in your future, even if you’re selling the best product in the world. This is harder than ever as today’s customers have high demands. They want to get in touch with you day or night, and they want options! From AI bots to instant chats to emails, people want to connect with you the way that works best for them. They want it all and then some. It’s a lot to manage. This is precisely why contact industry veterans Cameron Weeks and Bracken Fields founded Edify Labs, the customer experience (CX) industry’s latest player.

Edify’s first launch is Edify Huddle—the industry’s first and only cloud-native Business Communications as a Service (BCaaS) platform that combines unified communications, contact center software, and real-time communications API capabilities in a single solution. That’s no small feat.

It’s Changing the Face of CX

Weeks and Fields created Edify Huddle so businesses can easily deliver the CX consumers demand. And it starts by changing the way businesses communicate internally. After all, the employee experience must be as exceptional as the customer experience. Huddle makes this possible by bringing together all internal and external business communications into one platform and by enabling users to intuitively move amongst channels—from social media to chat to voice to text to video and back again—within a single conversation. Edify Huddle gives agents the ultimate flexibility to interact with customers, one another, and internal subject matter experts to resolve customer inquiries quickly and seamlessly.

That’s not all. There’s also Hammond, the Edify Huddle AI engine, which uses natural language understanding (NLU) to comprehend customers and sentiment analysis to automatically transition conversations to live agents if and when it’s time.

Along with advanced AI technology, Huddle provides the best data and analytics capabilities so contact center agents have access to complete customer interaction histories before, during, and after an interaction. Information is powerful; Huddle and Hammond are capable of delivering endless amounts of intel. Huddle also identifies coaching and training opportunities with real-time operational data and subsequent recommendations, powered by machine learning. This platform works hard to give agents the skills they need to help every customer interaction exceed customer expectations. 

It’s a Smart Investment

Edify Huddle offers simple and transparent usage-based pricing, giving every company a risk-free path to the cloud by offering the first five users at no cost, forever! A modular platform design allows companies to migrate at their own pace as well. With global availability and real-time redundancy in 12 data regions around the world, Edify guarantees 100% platform uptime or it will pay out 10x what was paid during downtime—making it the highest and most inclusive SLA in the market. Huddle also delivers AES 256-bit encryption, in transit and at rest on all data, including live calls. In short, this is a smart and secure investment for any company looking to deliver a best-n-class CX. And today, that’s the only option.

From the Founders

Cameron Weeks, co-founder and CEO, Edify Labs: “With Edify Huddle, we’re giving companies what they’ve always needed and asked for: the tools to bring their people together as if they’re under one roof, and to engage customers via any and every channel inside of a single interaction. Companies are beyond ready to do things differently, to work smarter, to make jobs better for their employees and life better for their customers—which ultimately makes the bottom line stronger. Huddle removes all of the risk, the barriers, the fear, the messy integrations, confusing pricing, clunky servers, and disparate views into what agents, employees, and customers need, want, and do.”

Bracken Fields, co-founder and CTO, Edify Labs: “Edify Huddle holistically addresses the full scope of the modern customer journey. This platform ensures front-line contact center agents have the support, knowledge, and expert back-up they need in a single-view ecosystem to deliver a stellar customer experience every time. The simple breakthrough of allowing a customer to send a picture of their issue to a voice-based conversation has the ability to dramatically decrease handle time and increase first ‘call’ resolution, which is ultimately why we are all here.”