Global Survey Reveals Key Challenges and Technologies in Next Digital Transformation Phase

According to Buddy Brewer who is the GVP and GM Client Side Monitoring, New Relic,  “The next phase of digital transformation will focus on making sense of all the data so that organizations can move faster, make better decisions, and create best-in-class digital experiences. As indicated in our research, observing and acting on insights from data collected will play a critical role in helping digitally transformed organizations truly scale and realize the benefits of modern technological advances.”

New Relic is one of the industry’s largest and most comprehensive cloud-based observability platform. This platform has, included in its functions, creating means to aid clients in developing a perfect software for use. The most recent global survey by this group showed that although there is a great rate of progress in digital transformation technology, there is also a greater pressure on technology leaders to increase the value of their businesses, thereby increasing worth.

Key findings from the survey include:

  • 1 in 2 tech leaders are challenged in managing and monitoring their digitally transformed organizations
  • Almost 50 percent of respondents admit that their customers are more likely to uncover problems before them
  • 89 percent of the survey respondents believe AI and ML will become important for how organizations run their digital systems.

Factors also attributed to These Challenges by the survey include;

  • Increased complexity: More than 50 percent of respondents say they find their complex new software and infrastructure hard to manage and monitor for performance issues.
  • Higher expectations: Most respondents (79 percent) agree that the rest of the business has higher expectations in how digital systems perform; and expect the technology team to deliver more and more innovations and updates.
  • Lack of visibility: 48 percent of respondents admitted that their end users or customers tell them about a problem with digital apps before they know about it, and a further 46 percent say they are told about these issues before they know how to fix them.
  • Accountability: 46 percent of their C-suite executives want daily updates about how software systems are performing for staff and customers (54 percent of US respondents reported this trend). A further 40 percent of CEOs also want more answers when outages or performance problems happen.
  • Challenges analyzing data: A root cause for how teams struggle to manage modern software may be how the amount of machine generated data is rising rapidly. More than half (56 percent) of all respondents acknowledged that it is humanly impossible to properly assess this data. Notably, the larger organizations agree more strongly this is a problem: 58 percent of respondents from businesses of 3,000 to 4,999 employees and 55 percent of those with more than 5,000 staff.
  • Determining business metrics: 1 in 3 respondents report that they are challenged on business benefit metrics for their digital transformation projects.

Ways through which solutions can be found to this include;

  • Moving to public cloud
  • Efficient way of using resources
  • Expectations around Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning replacing jobs
  • Promise of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning