Insight Starts Up Something Exciting: The Launch of Connected Suite to Scale Up The Adoption of More Technical IoT Solutions

Insight Enterprises, a Fortune 500 global solution integrator for organizations of every size, today revealed the start of Insight Connected Suite, a completely managed Internet of Things (IoT) solution which is industry-agnostic and assists clients in accelerating the utilization of smart solutions.

Stan Lequin, vice president and general manager, Digital Innovation, Insight reported that communities as well as businesses fully comprehend the potential for transformation possessed by IoT and smart solutions as they try to modernize their infrastructure. Yet, the obstruction to an adoption that cuts across a lot of people remains the time and resources necessary for the  development of complex, one-off solutions option. Being a super solution integrator, Stan explained that Insight is taking care of this market need with  repeatable, preconfigured, cloud and IoT-based architecture which readily unites a number of third-party smart devices and applications existing under a single framework.

Insight Connected Suite, developed on Microsoft Azure, fosters the adoption of IoT solutions at scale by taking care of regular deployment and management problems, including:

The management and the analyzing of remote data sources in low-connectivity environments. For instance, farms may run data or machine-learning models on the basis of a variety of information, including imagery received from drones or sensors positioned in the field which provide real-time data on fertilizer and  soil moisture levels. Also, there is the case of oil companies which have thousands of wells spread across several remote areas of the world, with little to no internet bandwidth, now have the ability to enable operations such as autonomous pump inspections which cut down on the risk of spoilt equipment while potentially adding up to uptime and yields.

Connecting disparate IoT point solutions through a common framework to a centralized dashboard which takes in, visualizes and triggers events from any data source. For instance, a restaurant may deploy temperature sensors for freezers and cooking preparation devices,  patron seat sensors, smart appliances monitoring inventory and maintenance, digital signage, security cameras, as well as smart washroom products. Insight Connected Suite gives a complete picture gotten from these IoT sources to improve the customer experience, enhance safety and compliance, and make overall operations the best they can be.

Changing insights from data-gathering devices into real-time communications in cases where time is crucial to the preservation of public safety. An instance will be assisting public-sector organizations or private businesses like schools in their quest to officially relay safety concerns on their campuses to first responders and anyone affected by an incident. Campus security have the ability to enhance emergency response by making use of a wide range of notifications and alerts equipped by IoT security devices such as  sound sensors, cameras, panic buttons and smart lighting connected to third-party systems.

Insight was rewarded this week with the Microsoft’s 2019 U.S. Partner Award for Intelligent Cloud – Application Innovation and the 2019 U.S. Azure Team Partner Choice Award for Data and Artificial Intelligence for creating turnkey edge solutions built on Azure.