Intelsat New Satellite Records Massive Progress According To Plan

Intelsat, a major satellite telecommunications company that is known to deliver services that are high-quality, cost-effective around the world, recently launched a new communications satellite that has a very high rating power.

The new satellite, known as Intelsat 39 was built to replace Intelsat 902 which was previously launched in 2001 and built by the same builders. The Intelsat 902 was replaced as a result of its exceeded lifespan, which was originally supposed to be 13 years but was exceeded by 6 extra years. However, this over-use after its standard lifespan was used by the Maxar’s Senior Vice President and General Manager of Space Solutions to focus on the durability and longevity of the structure of their product line. Asides this the Maxar team also appreciated the Intelsat tem for their continuing partnership and commitment to them, and also to moving the state of global communications forward, with Intelsat 39 being the 52nd satellite that they will build for the Intelsat company. 

The Intelsat 39 was built with both the C- Band and Ku- Band transponders, which was centered on the 1300- class platform of Maxar that had been proven over decades for its trustworthiness. The satellite is said to have abilities that fully maintains a vast range of technological innovations and applications. Making use of a propulsion that is fully electrically driven, the satellite will maintain its position by reducing its weight during the launch and simultaneously increasing the craft’s flexibility and actions.

Following a launch by of an Ariane 5 rocket by Arianespace on August 6 from Kourou, French Guiana, the Intelsat 39 was launched into space alongside one other telecommunication satellite from the European space agency. The Intelsat 39 Satellite is one that was specifically designed to serve broadband networking, video and government customers across all regions of the world, such as Africa, Asia, Europe and Middle East, by providing them with standard mobile networks that are fully enhanced with speed and efficiency on their connectivity series. Also, the satellite will also be responsible for increasing mobile connectivity to aerospace and maritime clients, especially those operating in The Indian Ocean Region.

The satellite has been recorded to be performing well functionally with it sending and receiving signals fully on its base; this is going well with its original plan of its producers. Intelsat Senior Vice President for Space Systems, Ken Lee expressed satisfaction in the innovative delivery of Maxar each time they are called to deliver services. With much trust in Maxar as an innovator in earth intelligence and space infrastructure, it is definite that more partnership deals will occur between the two companies with the aim of delivering high quality value to the government and commercial clients of communications.