Iron Mountain Expands Data Center Campus in Northern Virginia

Iron mountain is a known Storage and Information Management Leader who focuses on storage and protection of billions of valued assets, including critical business information, highly sensitive data, and cultural and historical artifacts. 

Iron Mountain opened its first building on the campus, VA-1, in September 2017, investing approximately $100 million to establish a presence in Northern Virginia, the largest data center market in the world, and stated they expected to invest over $350 million in the campus. This new building alone represents an incremental $225 million when fully built out. Iron Mountain’s expansion in Manassas supports continued economic growth in Prince William County, as well as contributing to job growth in the county.

However, recent announcement by the organization includes a full expansion of their center at full build-out of VA-2 which will enable employment of nearly 50 people at the campus.

Iron Mountain is uniquely positioned to provide its customers and vendors with leasable office and storage space, incorporating this value-added offering into its design plans. This allows customers to be close to their mission-critical IT assets in a cost-effective and efficient manner. Currently at VA-1, on an average day, nearly 100 of Iron Mountain’s customers and vendors work out of that building. Iron Mountain anticipates this trend to continue with more than double the amount of office and storage space available to its customers at the new building.

“I am pleased to see Iron Mountain expanding their capacity for data storage by moving into phase two of their building plan,” said Supervisor Jeanine Lawson. “As a pioneer in the data center industry, having Iron Mountain choose PWC over other NOVA jurisdictions speaks volumes about the county’s successful economic development strategy. I look forward to continuing our work with Iron Mountain as both a business and community partner.”

“Iron Mountain is a change agent in the Data Center world. We’re proud to say it starts in Prince William County,” said Christina Winn, Executive Director, Prince William County Economic Development Department. “In its PW County Campus, the Data Center leader has made space for data center customers to expand their footprint and provide office and storage space for more than 100 workers. This data center model brings more jobs into Prince William County and is beneficial for the industry, taxpayers, and commuters.”

“On behalf of the Prince William Chamber, I wish to congratulate Iron Mountain Data Center on their expansion and the creation of local jobs,” said Debbie Jones, Prince William County Chamber President and CEO. “The amazing Iron Mountain Data Center staff have been a wonderful addition and extremely supportive of our community. We are strong supporters of the data center industry.”

“We are excited to be expanding our presence in the largest data center market in the world, and at the same time continuing our commitment to economic development in the dynamic Prince William County,” said Mark Kidd, Executive Vice President and General Manager of Iron Mountain Data Centers. “By developing additional capacity in Manassas, we will be able to continue to provide our customers with purpose-built, enterprise-class data center capacity to solve their evolving IT architecture challenges.”

Iron Mountain currently expects to complete development on the first phase of VA-2 in the first quarter of 2020.