Partnership Between Itron And Xcel Energy Enabling Innovation In The Energy Industry

“This collaboration is exciting because we are not just developing the next generation of smart meters. Combining forces with Itron allows us to work together on new applications to benefit our customers and build the electrical grid of the future.” said the chief customer and innovation officer who is also the executive vice president at Xcel known as Brett Carter.

Xcel Energy is a globally known provider of energy to the general public for various kinds of uses; both home and business places. Millions of customers fully patronize them as a result of the quality service delivered to them. With its headquarters located at Minneapolis, the company actively takes part in the reduction of bad carbon wastes by replacing them with clean energy solutions for renewable sources at various prices.

Itron, on the other hand, is a software platform provider that supplies services that are PC-based meter reading and it is often used for specific operations such as electrical gas and water utilities. The company has a record of over 8,000 customers and is currently located in many countries with its headquarters at LibertyLake, Washington.

This new relationship between Xcel Energy and Itron ought to help in the development of smart meter capabilities and also an advanced electrical grid; these small meters will be installed in its numbers across the whole system and also will help in giving more people light on the use of energy while, at the same time, reducing the time required to respond to outages and also increasing grid reliability.

As such, the major focus of saving energy and reducing costs is highly achieved and there is also a gradual shift to better and cleaner power sources, probably as a result of its new advanced energy grid. Xcel Energy customers will be beneficiaries of new cutting- edge smart meters which will aid in the creation of new and highly innovative software applications.

Beyond the basic results, these new apps will also provide clients with real- time information on the amount of energy that was used at various usage level, this is done so that customers can fully plan towards saving light and costs. Features such as monitoring of energy efficiency of home appliances will also account ofr the new development of sub metering for charging electric vehicles. Other intending features for incoming smart meters includes flexible billing and also prepaid electricity plans.

The senior vice president of the Networked Solutions at Itrons, known as Sharelynn Moore was also reported to have said that, “Itron’s proven solution connects millions of devices to deliver real- time solutions to today’s challenges. We are thrilled to collaborated with Xcel Energy to improve our customer experience by harnessing the connectivity and intelligence of the industrial IoT to deliver smarter solutions.”