Paycom Launches New Communication Platform Helping the Positive Employee Experience

The new communication tool released by the Paycom company is an innovative idea that seeks to provide both the employees and the companies with numerous benefits. This platform maximizes the use of technology to improve a better employer-employee experience. Asides its communication benefits, the ask here platform will also help companies to improve operations in their firms by dispensing information properly in the organization discovering new avenues for training and also helping to discover leakages in the companies set rules and procedures.

Paycom is an Oklahoma based company that specializes in HR technology and payroll. The company provides services such as providing cloud based technology solutions to helps companies solve their employee’s payroll challenges. A worldwide recognized company with award listings in highly recognized magazines such as Forbes and Fortunes, Paycom is considered as one of the fastest growing public companies with an increasing growing rate of revenues.

Founder and CEO of Paycom, Chad Richison is fully excited about this newest innovation by the company as he claims it will improve employee’s experience more. According to him, the new tool can serve as a medium for employees to get the answers require for any task while not leaving their designated position in the firm. The platform helps in reducing unnecessary traffic in the firm; which may come as foot traffic or even mobile services traffic such as phone calls or emails.

There is a center online resource on which all employees can connect to get their inquires responded to. Common and frequently asked questions can be saved alongside the answers on this platform also, there is also room for attaching documents to responses and also routing questions in cases where it is needed. This also serves as a tool for discreetness in the workplace thereby making the workplace a better place to work in.