Smartsheet to Aid New Enterprises Achieve More in their Operations

Smartsheet is an innovation driving technology company that focuses aligning people and technology within the same focus, the company a globally known one in the niche of enterprise achievement among other technological organizations.  “I could make a compelling case that fostering the type of achievements that drive innovation, uncover insights, or create value for your customers might be the most important thing your business does,” said Smartsheet CEO Mark Mader during his keynote address this morning. “Our mission at Smartsheet is to empower that achievement in its many and varied forms.”

Announcements made  include:

  • The founding of the Achieve as One Alliance, a cross-functional coalition of industry leaders that will explore how organizations can bridge the gap between people and technology to drive greater organizational effectiveness and achievement. Smartsheet also unveiled research highlighting some of the gaps holding organizations back.
  • A suite of marketing and creative content solutions that enable organizations to drive greater creativity and effectiveness from marketing and creative content activities. They include new content collaboration capabilities acquired through the purchase of an application called Slope earlier this year, three Accelerators for Marketing and a series of planned integrations with Adobe Creative Cloud.
  • Smartsheet Aligned, a best-in-class program for the company’s growing community of partners and solution providers designed to drive the creation of new, high value offerings for customers. As an example, Smartsheet also announced today the general availability of an Accelerator for General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR),developed in partnership with global consulting firm Protiviti.

Other new additions to their company’s features to help promote smother operations include;  

  • Enhancements that make Smartsheet dashboards even easier to use, build and customizeThey include a sheet summary widget, new capabilities to customize filters by dashboard user and formatting improvements.
  • Conversations in context that help make Smartsheet a platform for both managing and having critical discussions about work. A new panel allows for in-context exchanges at a row and sheet level.
  • A new multi-tier capability in Control Center that enables organizations to create and manage project groupings for greater access control and scalability.