Will The Newly Launched FanDragon Technologies Be Able To Combat Fraud In Mobile Ticket Delivery?

To serve as a curb for the fraudulent experiences by fans in the ticketing markets, FanDragon will create new mobile products using the Saas tools as instruments. Ticketing markets are known to provide its fans with a source to entertainment in various sectors including music, theaters, sports and also theme parks.

However, there has been a recent trend of people buying fake online tickets which has increased the fear of ticket purchase by the public, thereby decreasing the rate of revenue generation. With regards to this, there has been a number of developed regulations by the government and a number of customer protection groups concerning the ticketing market place.

The U.K government has organized a number of movements in order to fully educate customers on the recent rise in sales of these fraudulent tickets. Asides this, they also passed the Consumers Right Act as a protection means for customers in the secondary market place. The U.S government, on the other hand, passed the Boss Act as a means to increase the level of transparency to ticketing sales.

As a result, the FanDragon Technologies was launched as means for solving this problem. The company was not created as a ticket-selling company. Rather, it will help in the development and provision of software solutions that will serve to monitor the ticketing sales transactions without intruding in the normal business process. Using these solutions, which integrates a next-generation blockchain-powered Saas platform, fans are assured of a more secure and transparent experience during purchase as there is a constant monitoring on the platform that will prevent fake and unapproved ticket sales. The platform also goes a step further by providing fans with information about their preferred shows.

As the name implies; FanDragon will serve as a protective means to allay the fears of intending customers. Its technology was built to monitor and regulate the ticket sales from payment to the actual point of access, keep purchased tickets locked for customers before its usage time, engage intending customers of the same event and also provide a new source of revenue generation.

The newly launched company opened with its offices located in three cities; Los Angeles, New York and London. To head this new technological company is Aventus Taps Veteran Technologist and Entrepreneur, Robert Weiss. Robert has a rich portfolio which spans through a range of industries including news, music, entertainment and the consumer tech industry. He has also previously served as the COO and CEO of a number of tech companies including the Arpanet Group, Rockyou, Bang and various other multimedia platforms.

FanDragon has a board of directors consisting of Mike Jones, Vey, Monari and also its CEO; Robert Weiss. This selection of innovative minds keeps all on their seats as more news regarding the new company is expected.