Best Practices for Cloud Entrepreneurial Success

The best time to get involved with the cloud is now. If you have a tech business idea, the cloud affords you all of the things that entrepreneurs in the past have lacked. For example, when Mark Cuban began his internet streaming empire in 1995, he mentioned in a documentary that he stayed up all night building out infrastructure and learning how to code in order to make his idea work. While that type of hard work will always be necessary, the cloud offers entrepreneurs a level playing field as they begin to compete with large scale corporations for business. When it is time to put your idea into motion, you should adhere to a couple best practices that will ensure your long term success.

Fail cheaply

Let’s face it, not all ideas are meant for business success. That doesn’t mean that your idea doesn’t have merits, it just means that you were either too late or too early into the market. When the market tells you that you shouldn’t be in business, you should listen to it. Using the cloud allows you to rent just the right amount of compute, storage and bandwidth resources so that you can have the ability to test out your idea.

Keep Your Team The Right Size

If your team gets too big too quickly, you may need to rethink the structure of your team. You should only start out with a big team if your organization absolutely requires it. The cloud is all about automation and scalability and if your cloud business doesn’t integrate those same efficiencies, success may be hard to attain.

Cloud Security

The worst mistake that cloud entrepreneurs make is that they believe that their business is too small to be noticed by hackers. This could not be any further from the truth! We recently wrote a report about how many cloud startups aren’t taking security seriously at all.  How can you build a bond with your client if you are constantly using your resources to battle hackers? It’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to cloud security.