How Does the Cloud Work?

You may have been hearing a lot about cloud storage on the internet through various cloud storage advertisements and news. Even if you are using a cloud storage service right now, you may want to find out about how it works. Some cloud storage services are not advertised as cloud storage services. They are advertised as products. This helps the average PC user as only the features of the product are mentioned. Some people simply don’t want to get into the technical side of things and this approach suits them.

How does the cloud work

Why was cloud storage developed?
Cloud storage basically means that a person has stored his/her data on a cloud. A cloud is just a fancy word for a system that can store data. But this particular system will have the ability to share the data with other systems. This gives the impression that your data is floating in a cloud and any system that requires it can get it by accessing the cloud.
Cloud storage was developed because people want to share data. Clouds make sharing pretty easy and simple for everyone. A person simply needs to place his/her data on a cloud and allow other people to view it. Of course, not everyone can look into your cloud. Only a number of people whom you select yourself can access your cloud, so that your data remains safe and private.
Who controls a cloud?
The company that provides the cloud controls it. The company provides a program or web application through which you can upload files. The files are kept safe by the company. The company is also responsible for maintaining your data and good companies keep backups of all client files. The provider will be responsible for any loss of data or failure of the cloud. You will not need to worry about backing up your files or maintaining them yourself.
Does my cloud storage company share data with anyone?
Clouds are made for people who want to share data, but companies are not allowed to share any data without the permission of the owner. Governments can demand cloud storage providers to let them see your data, and unfortunately you can do nothing about that.
Where do my files go?
A cloud is just a system which has an operating system designed only to store data. Your data will be present at the data center of your cloud storage provider. Big companies have more than one data center, and they might tell you where you data is if you ask them.
So where does this lead us to?
Cloud is just a word used these days, which in reality means a system that has an operating system which allows storage of data with sharing options. We don’t need to go into the technical details, as you only need to know that storing data on a cloud will help you save your own disk space. Think of clouds as a third party computer system that has allowed you to store data on it. There are many companies offering cloud storage services today.