Is Dropbox Right for You?

Dropbox is a cloud storage service that lets you share your files across multiple computers. The desktop application and the web application work the same way. Dropbox is used by companies and home PC users to share data. You can share individual files or entire folders using Dropbox without compressing them.
You may need to use Dropbox to share files with your clients or view your own files from different machines. You can drag and drop your files into the Dropbox folder, which is created by the desktop application, to instantly share it with multiple systems.
Go to the official Dropbox website and sign up for the service. The free package lets you store and share data up to 2 GB. Dropbox also has a business and pro package which offer additional space. The pro package costs around $10 per month and lets you store data up to 500 GB max.
Should you use Dropbox on your home PC?
You should if you like sharing or receiving files. Instead of sharing your files on social media websites, you and your friends can make Dropbox accounts and share your files instantly among yourselves. Because Dropbox is very fast and secure, it is better than a social media website, if you plan to share your files with a few people.
If you do not have a laptop, you can use Dropbox to access your files from other machines while travelling. Even if you have a laptop, you may need to sync your files with other machines to make things easy for yourself. You can log on to your Dropbox account from any computer and download all the files that you placed in your Dropbox account/folder anytime.
You can store backup files on Dropbox as well. If your operating system fails, you can recover your files using and avoid data loss. Dropbox is very effective if used properly.
Why should you use Dropbox if you own a business?
There are many reasons why you would want to use Dropbox instead of other cloud services. Dropbox is very easy to use as it can be integrated or installed onto your operating system. You can share files by copy/paste or mouse dragging.
For companies, this can be very advantageous as they can share information almost instantly. A person who has no prior knowledge of cloud storage can easily access the files as well, and upload his/her data on Dropbox using the web application’s upload button. Downloading can be done using the download button.
Because you can sign up for free, you can try Dropbox and all its features for free before upgrading. Not many cloud services offer all their services for free. All of your employees can download the desktop application and share files on it without spending any money. If you do not require more than 2 GB, you can run your entire file sharing operations without the need to upgrade.