Appy Pie Review

The do it yourself app maker market has been around now for over five years, so how can one app creator stand out from the rest? Appie Pie does a decent job of this. If you scour the internet like we do, you will see many positive reviews about Appie Pie and the software they showcase. Appie Pie can be summed up like this: a hybrid of Como and Appie Pie has the feel of Como in regard to usability and features on offer, but the software itself is very similar to the software (like, Appie Pie is a cloud based software). Appie Pie’s slogan is: make an app, as easy as pie. Here, we breakdown the Appie Pie software to help get a better understanding of this service and to see if their slogan holds any weight.




The app maker market is still *relatively* new so it is still difficult to find real useful information about what the features are actually good for. Appie Pie, however, makes it very easy to understand on their website. On their features page, all features are laid out in square boxes with the name of the feature along with a description. Moreover, the amount of features provided by Appie Pie is astounding. In fact, there is no niche that would not be suitable to use this software. Appie Pie offers some of the most innovative features on the market. Some of the main ones include:

  • App creator for both iOS and Android
  • Drag & drop editor
  • Push notificatgions
  • GPS location tracking
  • App analytics
  • Code Page (allows you to add custom code, embed iframes)
  • Mobile commerce (shopping cart, etc.)
  • Loyalty based program
  • Chat room/messenger
  • Geo-targeted notifications with Geo Fencing

There are quite a few other features such as the ‘Religious Piece’ feature that allows you to create a mobile app for your religious establishment. Be sure to check out all of the features at Appie Pie.

Ease of Use

Appie Pie seems to go out of its way to let users know just how simple it is to use the software. Aside from their slogan which implies simplicity, they make multiple mentions that no coding skills are required (all you need to do is drag and drop). They also let you know that ads can be easily monetized. They have multiple quotes on the home page indicating the ease of use, one of which says that a physiotherapist with no technical background created an app in minutes. And just in case you weren’t sold on it, Appie Pie let’s you know that building an app with their software can be completed in three steps: select your apps category, build the app (via the drag and drop feature), and then publish and promote it in the various app stores. Yes – Appie Pie even helps you with app promotion.


Like all other major app makers on the market, Appie Pie offers a free trial option before needing to upgrade to a paid account. It is very basic and is designed to let you get a feel for the software. No editing of your app can be made in the free trial version. After the free trial, there are three pricing plans: the ‘Basic’ plan for $7/month (billed annually), the ‘Gold’ plan for $19/month (billed annually), and the ‘Platinum’ plan for $33/month (billed annually). Needless to say, this is definitely one of the cheaper options in the do it yourself app making market. If you are looking to create a simple app, Appie Pie is undoubtedly your choice. But, you may want to look elsewhere if you are looking to create a big business or enterprise app.

Customer Support

Appie Pie has, without question, the best customer support out of the competition. For starters, their customer service reps are professional and courteous. Secondly, there is no shortage of support options: email via web form, phone support (USA, UK, Australia numbers), and even live chat. Response times for us via live chat and phone were extremely quick – both under 5 minutes. Email response was within 2 hours. We were very satisfied with Appie Pie’s customer support.


Overall, Appie Pie is absolutely a top DIY app maker. Their software offers a very attractive platform to build a powerful app for very cheap. Moreover, Appie Pie is the epitome of simplicity, even when customizing your app. If you are a small or mid-sized business, we strongly recommend Appie Pie over the others. Go ahead and give them a try – you will be pleasantly surprised.