BackupAgent Review

BackupAgent is the definition of a social anomaly. Founded in 2005, employing over 30 people in multiple continents and with millions of dollars in funding, BackupAgent is considered a large sized cloud backup provider. Yet, we only found them a few months into our search of top online backup providers. It is difficult to find customer reviews on BackupAgent across the Web and this is a shame. They are one of the only companies who have successfully implemented their vision, which was to construct an easy and dominant method of backing up your data (dubbed ‘cloud backup’) through innovation. BackupAgent is especially known for their extreme security measures and blazing fast backup speeds. BackupAgent has a plan for everyone, and we strongly encourage business users of all sizes to take a look at them, as they offer numerous features specifically sought by MSPs, hosting providers, telcos and cloud distributors (and many more).


You are not likely to find a backup software that offers more features than BackupAgent. More importantly, these are not random features that are offered just to enhance the brand image. These features are particularly useful. For example, one of BackupAgent’s many business oriented features is multi-tenancy. This features allows you to create various points of command on your backup platform. In turn, this enables you to categorize and define numerous groups, thereby granting each specific group access to their individual accounts. This is a great feature and increases efficiency if your business relies heavily on wholesale partnerships. Additional core features include:

  • Unlimited scalability
  • Server backup
  • Private label
  • Load balancing
  • Secure and compliant
  • Customized integration
  • Language support
  • Webaccess
  • Multi-platform capability (supports: Windows, Mac, Linux)
  • Consistent availability

We would need roughly 30 more paragraphs of text to go through every detail of each feature listed above. Therefore, we will concentrate on the ones we feel are most crucial to users. In regard to server backup: the BackupAgent software is capable of proficiently backing up data from file servers. The software supports backups of MS SQL Server 2005/8/12, MySQL databases while on table level and actively in use, and Microsoft Exchange Server 2003/7/10/13. BackupAgent has also made public the use of Microsoft’s Hyper-V backup and recovery plugin. Also as noted above, BackupAgent offers private labeling which is a nifty little feature that allows you to customize the actual backup software. Want your own logo or custom message to a client? No problem. BackupAgent’s cloud backup software is one of the most customizable in the industry.

Ease of Use

There is no beating around the bush. If you are not in the IT field, the BackupAgent software is not for you. However, if you are a business, you most likely have knowledge of servers and how cloud backup works, or you employ someone who does. If that is the case, do not look at any other service. BackupAgent is your choice and you will be hard pressed to find a more intuitive and useful software. As a business, you probably have some background of integrating software with existing environments. BackupAgent offers this for multiple environments including but not limited to Parallels Operations Automation, Citrix CloudPortal Services Manager, WHMCS, Kaseya, Pingdom, Windows Server Active Directory and Open API. The actual integration process is one of the most seamless we have encountered in the backup industry.

BackupAgent Management Console

BackupAgent Management Console


BackupAgent’s website does not provide details on specific pricing options. This is not unusual for backup providers who cater mainly to business users. There are countless variations of plans required by each business. Thus, each individual company needs a custom tailored plan. More importantly, no matter what the cost is which we are sure is competitive given their long history in the industry, they offer a 30 day trial. No credit card is needed, there is no storage limit and you test it out fully featured as opposed to almost all other backup companies who limit you and essentially force you to upgrade to a paid account. There are zero obligations involved. We are betting you will be more than satisfied with the service.


BackupAgent provides more than sufficient security for its customers. According to their website, “all communication between the Client Software and the Backup Server takes place through a secure SSL (Secure Socket Layer) channel.” There is also an added layer of security via secured SOAP/XML interface. Every individual request is signed by an exclusive signature. The actual data is encrypted with 256-bit military grade encryption. Also, BackupAgent is HIPAA compliant which is not a given for cloud backup providers targeting business users.

Customer Support

As business customers would expect, BackupAgent offers all of the main customer support options – phone, e-mail and our personal favorite live chat. However, to show just how big of a service provider they are, they list 10+ phone numbers corresponding to each country they operate in. Moreover, you can write to BackupAgent via their lively social media outlets (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and YouTube). Their staff is very technically versed and highly responsive. This is one of the main reasons how they became a top business backup provider.


If you are an individual looking for an online backup solution, we recommend you look elsewhere (such as MyPCBackup). However, if you operate any sized business, look no further. You have met your match. BackupAgent is a feature rich and user-friendly cloud backup software while offering top level security and efficient support options. Additionally, other cloud backup providers cannot compete with the integration and customization options that are offered by BackupAgent. This undoubtedly makes them a premier destination for business users. Moreover, you have nothing to lose with their 30 day trial which has no strings attached. You will not be sorry if you happen to choose them as your backup software provider.