BlueHost VPS Hosting Review

BlueHost VPS hosting is one of the most established VPS solutions on the market. This is no surprise as BlueHost offers a range of features that do not make you feel limited or trapped, all at prices that are just slightly higher than a shared hosting package. BlueHost also offers four separate VPS packages to choose from, so finding a package that is best for you depending on your site’s growth is a breeze. Additionally, you will experience increased reliability and better customer support, which is difficult to begin with since these are two of BlueHost’s best factors, even on a shared hosting plan.

Features & Pricing

BlueHost offers a wide range of features and pricing suitable for any type of webmaster. One of the first features webmasters tend to look at is what control panel is offered. BlueHost uses the enhanced version of the cPanel control panel. While you can find all of the features that you would find on a shared hosting plan, the enhanced version of the cPanel also comes with special tools for VPS management and WHM control. Needless to say, the user interface is intuitive and easy to navigate, even for a first time ‘VPS-er.’ Furthermore, BlueHost provides the latest technology that allows for instant provisioning. Most web hosting services will take days to activate the VPS solution however BlueHost’s VPS servers are provisioned instantly, which will have you up and running within a matter of seconds.
In regard to pricing: BlueHost is no doubt a recognized industry leader. You can therefore expect a decent price point – not too expensive but not the cheapest. However, BlueHost most likely offers the best VPS value proposition on the market based on what is provided within each plan, so it is unfair to look at the price itself. That said, here is a breakdown of features offered by plan:


‘Standard’ Plan

‘Enhanced’ Plan

‘Premium’ Plan

‘Ultimate’ Plan

CPU cores1234
SAN storage30GB60GB120GB240GB
IP Addresses1222
Free Domain1111
Root AccessYesYesYesYes
SSL certificatesYesYesYesYes
Domain privacyYesYesYesYes
Site BackupsDailyDailyDailyDaily
Spam protectionYesYesYesYes
SSH accessYesYesYesYes
Access controlYesYesYesYes

We are also happy to inform our readers that BlueHost not only offers a full 30 day money back guarantee, but also an anytime money back guarantee which allows you to cancel at any time and receive money back on time unused.

Customer Support

All of the support channels that are accessible on a shared web hosting plan are also available on a VPS package. This includes live chat, phone, e-mail (all of these 24/7), a knowledgebase, a forum, video tutorials, all of the big social media outlets and a getting started section. Moreover, BlueHost offers a private toll free number for their VPS user base in case you need instant support or have unique questions. And while we can’t personally vouch for everyone, we contacted support close to a dozen times and our personal wait times ranged from instantaneous to several minutes at most. Also, it was pleasant to see that their service representatives were knowledgeable and friendly.


Many customers choose BlueHost for their excellent reputation in reliability. To start, BlueHost assures 99.99% uptime, even on a shared plan. With a VPS account, you can expect industry leading speeds since BlueHost employs the use of open source technology such as KVM and OpenStack. The resources you need are guaranteed to always be available by using top performance components such as KVM hypervisor.


The power and flexibility offered by BlueHost is unbeatable. They are definitely an industry leader and one which you will be happy with. While they are not the cheapest in regard to dollar amount, we believe they offer the best value scheme on the VPS market, specifically in regard to everything BlueHost guarantees – stellar reliability, gold standard customer support and helpful features. Overall, BlueHost has the “whole (VPS) package.”