DriveHQ Review

DriveHQ is one of the more seasoned backup providers. Based out of Silicon Valley, they boast a user base of around 2 million loyal users. They first launched in 2003, four years before Dropbox and a full nine years before Google Drive. The service is supported by almost all devices and platforms, and has one of the most diverse range of features of any provider we have reviewed to date. It is important to note  that though this is an online backup service, it is not comparable to services such as MyPC Backup, JustCloud, or Zip Cloud, but rather enterprise storage services such as Egnyte,, or Webcargo.


The standout feature in this service is their backup resume. With this, if your uploads or downloads are interrupted for any reason, it will resume where it left off. For many other vendors in the industry, this is not the case, and users end up waiting not only bandwidth

  • Drag-n-drop upload or download
  • Backups for FTP / email / web hosting
  • File and folder sharing
  • Web access
  • File archiving and versioning
  • Mobile App for iPhone and iPad (iOS), Android and Windows (phone and 8)
  • Support 3rd party FTP and WebDAV software
  • Backup Network Drives and USB Drives
  • ACL-based File Sharing
  • De-duplication
  • Bandwidth Throttling

Ease of Use

Setting up the service is extremely painless and if you have a lot to backup straight away, you can use their courier data upload to send a hard-drive to DriveHQ for them to upload your files on your behalf. You are given complete control with their file manager and WebDAV drive mapping so you can track all of your backups and changes on one centralized database. This is essential as this service is maximized for group collaboratation and supports sub-accounts, so you will often have multiple people working on the same file. All backups occur in real time and backup schedules can be set up according to your preference where you can choose certain files to be excluded from backup. You are able to sync multiple tasks simultaneously.
Another great aspect to the service is the data caching. This not only means that backup speeds are dramatically increased due to only uploading changes and not the whole file, but is also means that if you get disconnected from the internet you will still be able to access you files offline, and the changes will be updated when you are reconnected. So for users who like to work on the go and don’t always have great internet access, this is ideal.

DriveHQ Dashboard

DriveHQ Dashboard


DriveHQ offer a large number of different packages that are suited for all types of businesses. Please note, The prices below do not include the initial charge for plans below 10TB. The pricing packages range from$333/month (based on annual service) which includes:  5 TB Storage, + 2.5 TB/month download bytes, + x server requests; to $ 25,000/month for 500 TB, + 250 TB/month download bytes, + x server requests. On their website they lay out their intricate package levels for each type of user and what they should expect:
For the home business user looking for the lowest price with the best features including:

  • A mapped cloud drive
  • Backup for multiple PCs and mobile devices
  • Sub-users for family members or employees.
  • Client-side data encryption, privacy and security

The price for the entry level plan – $19.99, Price for 10GB and 6 users – $129.98, Price for 50GB and 11 users – $400
A small business that needs to:

  • Store files in the cloud.
  • share files among employees.
  • Map cloud drive.
  • Backup multiple computers and servers.

Price for 1TB and 20 users – $1,720, Price for 2TB and 40 users – $2,640, Price for 4TB and 80 users – $4,000
A medium-sized business that needs to:

  • Share files among employees and clients.
  • Set different folder permissions.
  • Backup multiple computers and servers.
  • Host FTP site with custom domain name.

Price for 5TB and 100 users – $4,600, Price for 10TB and 200 users – $8,200, Price for 20TB and 400 users – $15,400
A large enterprise / university that needs to:

  • Share files among employees and clients.
  • Map cloud drives.
  • Backup multiple computers & servers.
  • Host FTP site with custom domain name.
  • Customize the website and integrate with Active Directory / SSO

Price for each user – $6, Price for each 1TB (over 10TB) – $890 – $590, Price for 50TB and 1,000 users – $34,900


DriveHQ uses 128-bit SSL encryption, a similar level encryption to all major financial institutions such as your bank. All encrypted file and folder sharing, and storage, is operated through a state-of-the-art collocation facility operated by Hurricane Electric. This datacenter is known for its top levels of security and is HIPAA, SAS70 and ISO 27001 compliant.

Customer Support

DiveHQ’s support comes from the moment you sign up to their service with a remote desktop support demonstration, that includes an initial walkthrough and training of how to get the most from the service.  Thereafter, support comes in the form of phone and email service. Additionally, they provide live demos in a rich database filled with FAQ’s. They also have a customer support section where you can read solutions to some problems other users have faced.


DriveHQ provides a service that has only gotten better with age. They not only provide amazing support but their features are thorough enough that every level of user can get the most from this service. Though their packages do not offer the largest amounts of storage for the individual users, their service is so easy to use that it more than makes up for it.