DrivePop Backup Review

Update as of February 15, 2015: DrivePop no longer offers lifetime subscriptions and is powered by LiveDrive.
Many people have great ideas for the online backup industry yet few actually implement these ideas or go on to start a company. However, DrivePop Backup CEO and Founder Rob Boirun did just that. DrivePop is the newest cloud backup service to hit the market as it was released in early 2013. This begs the question of why enter a market where the perception is that it is nearly impossible to enter? Boirun has been in the data archiving world for over 10 years now. He started the highly successful website and has created notable partnerships within the online backup world. Hence, he took a service in which he understands the needs of customers, and tweaked it by offering features and pricing you cannot find anywhere else.
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One of the benefits for customers signing up with an extremely new service is that you can generally expect innovation and slick new features. DrivePop receives an ‘A+’ for this. In addition to being able to access your files from anywhere in the world on any device, with very few limitations, you will have access to your own personal command center called the ‘Person Cloud Portal.’ This feature allows for instant and easy access (more about this below) to all of your files. Moreover, DrivePop has a very new feature whereby you can stream all of your media also from anywhere and from any device. Furthermore, some of their main features include:

  • 512GB space
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimited transfers
  • File versioning (up to 30 versions)
  • Scheduling & synching
  • LIFETIME archival backup
  • LIFETIME license

One key feature worth noting is the unthrottled bandwidth which DrivePop offers on all of their plans. Many online backup companies will throttle your bandwidth to make sure it is not a strain on their servers. If you plan on doing heavy duty backup, DrivePop is most certainly for you as they will never throttle your bandwidth.

Ease of Use

In the age of automation, you generally do not need to worry about systems installation and setup of any type of service. DrivePop though goes the distance in this regard.  Novices to professionals will find that not only is the download and setup a pleasantly easy process, the dashboard is already configured so that backing up your files is all at the click of a button.
Also, DrivePop uses proprietary software in which they have created a very natural dashboard layout, which is powered by Zoolz that is far easier to navigate than other brands. In fact, you have two options in regard to using the dashboard. You can download the software to work in the dashboard to your PC (or Mac) or you can use it in the cloud. From the options for data selection, customization or restoring your files/folders, everything is laid out in a very straightforward manner.

DrivePop Dashboard

DrivePop Dashboard


There is no other cloud storage or online backup service that offers better value than DrivePop. That said, people largely enjoy having a wide selection of pricing options because nowadays, let’s be honest – most things in life are expensive. This is one of the main factors that DrivePop recognized and thus tweaked to near perfection. There is no abundance or a large list of pricing models that could get confusing with DrivePop. They offer 4 pricing propositions: $3.99/month for the 512GB Budget plan, $9.99/month for the Starter Backup plan, and $14.99/month for the Family Backup plan and $19.99/month for the Ultimate Backup plan.


One of the ways a company breaks in to the online backup market is by offering top notch security which is precisely what DrivePop cloud backup delivers. Features and ease of use are important but at the end of the day, customers and especially businesses look at security before joining a backup company. As most companies offer the standard 128-bit encryption, DrivePop goes all out by offering state of the art 256-bit AES military grade encryption thus ensuring your data is protected by the highest level of security standards.

Customer Support

Arguably one of the best in the business. Mr. Boirun himself answers live chat inquiries thus making it virtually impossible for any other backup company to compete. More importantly, the last time we heard of a small new company offering live chat is…well, almost never. You can also contact DrivePop via phone or browse through their knowledgebase or FAQs. Lastly, when you download the DrivePop software, you will personally receive an email from Mr. Boirun himself. We thought it was some automated reply but low and behold it was not. This is a testament to how good the customer support is and how it is approached by DrivePop.


DrivePop offers a wide range of features that should not be taken for granted. The innovation this company has shown in its infancy is downright incredible. The intimacy offered by their customer support team is second to none while the proprietary technology behind their software is remarkable. DrivePop is now considered a household name in the online backup and cloud storage industries, and should not be overlooked.