eApps Review

Founded in May 1986 by three former Big 4 consultants, eApps is an internationally known web hosting provider for businesses. They serve more than 5,000 customers with over 15,000 domains in more than 150 countries. They are headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia and run three US datacenters in Georgia, Virginia and Arizona. eApps recently launched an improved version of their service called Create-A-Cloud, which supports larger RAM and disk allowances, and a higher data transfer allowance for a reduced price.


eApps operates high performing Xen virtual cloud servers running on a redundant cloud platform, and powered by the OnApp Cloud management system. The standout feature of this service is that it is self-healing. This means that the cloud platform automatically recovers from any hardware failures. If your server goes down, normal service will be restored in just a minute. Other features include:

  • Resource Visibilty
  • Rapid Elasticity
  • pre-built OS templates
  • easy deployment of web sites and applications
  • Optional VMware hosting
  • Optional disaster recovery

eApps has also ensured top level security. The security measures in place are end-to-end and designed for the detection, prevention, and response to any and all security issues. They also provide full security services including easy to use firewalls and IPsec compatible VPN services.

Customer Support

eApps really proves itself with their support package. Not only do they offer 24/7 responsive support from a technical team, but they are available across a number of channels including phone, live-chat, email and Skype. eApps goes the extra mile to help every user. Moreover, eApps also offers the option for priority support that provides preferential service over support requests of equal severity. Furthermore, it includes a priority phone number which auto-escalates to management.

Ease of Use

Set-up is pretty straightforward and for any novice user, eApps provides deployment guides and an excellent support team to walk you through the process. This is truly an extremely easy service to navigate. eApps offers the ISPmanager Control Panel by ISPsystem, at no extra charge (as well as Plesk and cPanel/WHM). This is in addition to their simple one-click to install software. It is extremely easy to create and adjust virtual servers using the eApps Create-A-Cloud tool. Access to all supported applications are though a library in the ISPmanager control panel. Their users can access dozens of popular software apps laid out clearly in the supported library. eApps also provides OS templates with around a dozen of the most popular software applications already pre-installed.

eApps Portal

eApps Portal 

Website Building

eApps does not currently offer a web site builder. However, they offer a number of tools that allow users to instantly install “middle-ware” software for web sites and applications extremely quickly. The supported software includes Tomcat, GlassFish, JBoss, and Liferay Portal, Groovy and Grails, Ruby on Rails, WordPress, Joomla!, Drupal and other popular software components.


Though most providers can only offer 99% uptime, eApps guarantees 100% uptime of the network, and they are ready to put their money where their mouth is. If eApps fails to meet the network uptime guarantee in any calendar month, users will be eligible for one day of credit for that month for each quarter hour of network outage time incurred. For more details, you should read eApps’ service level agreement on their website.


eApps offers an extremely easy to use secure web hosting service. They offer a great range of features and with a 30 day money back guarantee, there is really no reason not to give this service a try. They offer unbeatable support and with 5,000 customers behind them, this is a service we are happy to recommend.