FiberCloud Online Backup Review

UPDATE: Green House Data acquired FiberCloud back in April 2015 and no longer exists.

Founded in 2001 and headquartered in Seattle’s technology corridor, FiberCloud is one of the leaders in cloud storage for small businesses. They have been offering cloud storage since 2009 and have since developed a solution to be proud of. They own and operate 5 datacenters, three in Seattle and two in other locations in the state Washington. Their customer-centric service not only offers supreme security, but the fine-grained controls allows each user to pilot the service with confidence and has both desktop app and web-server accessibilities. We are happy to recommend this product for all small to medium sized businesses.


The key feature for this service is the fine-grained granular controls. Users are able to choose a large number of variables, from what to back up and when, to how long a file should be stored for, or how long versioning should be stored for. For the user that likes to be involved in their file backups this is ideal. On the other hand, for the user that is less particular, they can just set automatic backups of entire folders and leave it to its own devices. Other features include:

  • Multiple simultaneous backup tasks
  • File versioning
  • Backup entire databases or application data
  • Incremental backups
  • Files compressed at 2:1 (except for music and video files)
  • Able to backup Microsoft Exchange and SQL Server whilst running
  • Data replicated in a secondary off-site location

This service is available on Windows and Mac OS’s as well as on server versions for Linux users.


FiberCloud offers two types of packages, one for users and the other for resellers. For users, backups start at $5/month for 5GB and a reduction in per GB price with increased storage space. Capacity is offered in increments of 5, 10, 25 and 50 GB options.

Ease of Use

Due to the intricate controls given to the user, setup takes a little longer than some other similar services, however this is still only a few minutes. You are given a unique username and you need to set a passphrase only you have access to. Then you just need email and password and you’re ready to go. If you lose your passphrase and log out from the service or try to login elsewhere, you will be blocked from accessing and you will have lost your files as the passphrase is not stored on FiberClouds server. This ensures only you have access to your files.
There is a clear setup wizard to walk you through the setup process, as well as a call from a FiberCloud representative who will help you on your way. The service is pre-configured to backup the user’s most common application data, including Microsoft Exchange MailStore and Microsoft SQL Server.
Once the service is running you will have access to backup logs to keep track of backups. Initial backup will upload the whole file and thereafter, only changes made will be backed up thereby saving bandwidth and time. If the file changes more than 60% then the entire file is backed up.  When storage reaches 80% capacity you will receive an email alert offering you the chance to upgrade. There is also a status bar on the bottom right of the dashboard to keep an eye on how much space you have left.
Additionally, users are given the option to not backup superfluous files such as cookies or temp download files, so even when you backup your whole computer you are saving even more space.

 fibercloud dashboard

FiberCloud Online Backup Dashboard


FiberCloud really shines when it comes to the security of this service. All files are encrypted end to end with military grade AES 256 bit encryption at rest and in transit. As mentioned earlier, files are only accessible by the user with a user generated encryption key. FiberCloud privately owns and operates the datacenters used for this service, which are all SAS-70 Type II audited. They each have multiple layers of physical and virtual security. All FiberCloud staff undergo thorough background checks and access to the datacenters is closely monitored around the clock.

Customer Support

FiberCloud takes special care of their users with personalized support from the get go. Users talk with a FiberCloud rep to set up the service and thereafter can call for help at any time through their 24 hour support on a Toll Free number. This, however, is for general support with their technical support center which is also on a toll free number between fixed hours (6:00 AM – 10:00 PM PST). Support is also available through both email and ticketing systems.


FiberCloud is a leading cloud storage provider for small to medium sized businesses. The service offers fine-grained controls which are ideal for the more experienced users. The high end security exists not only for the files with top encryptions but also for the datacenters themselves. Their support is both friendly and well informed, and we are more than happy to recommend this service.