IBackup Review

Touted as a top backup choice for small businesses with over 75,000 business accounts registered, IBackup provides a unique and effective service through a variety of features. IBackup broke onto the scene in 1995. A service of Pro Softnet Corporation, the company focused on delivering internet storage solutions targeted toward the business world. They have since progressed and now much focus is put on individual customers as well. IBackup offers everything you need from quality features to an easy to use interface. One specific feature of IBackup that is worthy of praise is unlimited sub accounts whereby you can create multiple accounts, for various colleagues for example, using your storage space. Another key feature to note is deleted data that was sent to the recycle bin within the past 30 days can be retrieved.
To learn more about IBackup, visit IBackup.com.


Aside from the aforementioned sub accounts, IBackup provides some high quality backup features. We put IBackup to the test and they didn’t disappoint. You will often hear countless people complain about their online backup software using too much of their bandwidth which in turn slows down their internet speed. IBackup has another distinctive feature called the Bandwidth Throttle which allows you to manually gauge and control the amount of bandwidth being used by the IBackup software. In addition to this, here are some of the other main features they have to offer:

  • IBackup for Windows or Linux
  • IBackup for Mac
  • IBackup for iOS/Android
  • IBackup Drive
  • Web-Manager
  • SQL Server Backup
  • Exchange Server Backup
  • Oracle or SharePoint Server Backup
  • Hot Sites for Disaster Recovery
  • IBackup Portable

Now, many of these features may seem a bit overwhelming at first, especially to those new to online backup. However, the IBackup ‘Web-Manager’ has an incredible easy to use interface. It is here that users are able to manage their files and folders, create a link to send to peers so you can share your files with them, edit your profile, set backup schedules and create the above-mentioned sub accounts.

iBackup Dashboard

IBackup Web Manager

Ease of Use

We initially started with the free 15 day trial plan which offers 50GB of space. Signing up was remarkably fast; the process took no more than two minutes and was very straightforward. However, you are required to enter your credit card information even for the 15 day trial plan which is asking more than most other online backup companies (don’t forget to cancel your account before the 15 days expire should you choose not to continue with IBackup). Before arriving to the Web-Manager, we thought it would be a bit harder to navigate because IBackup was originally intended for business users. While they offer a wide variety of tools that caters specifically to businesses and could be overwhelming for an individual user, they have put a lot of focus on creating a nice and easy user experience and navigation for all types of users.

Business users who don’t have much experience with online backup storage will also find IBackup easy to use. Need to share files with multiple coworkers? Generating a link that you can send to your colleagues is quick and efficient. Moreover, you have the option of creating a password that users must enter to access the file you are sharing or create an SSL security enabled share link. This whole process goes like this: select the file/folder you want to share, select which security measurements you want to implement, click on “generate share,” enter the email addresses you would like to share the file/folder with and send it off. From start to finish, business users can be done in less than 60 seconds and more importantly, it is extremely user friendly. If you somehow seem to lose your way, IBackup also offers on their website that describe their features and functionalities.


As with most companies across many industries, buying in bulk will save you money. Aside from the 15 day free trial plan for 50GB of space, IBackup offers these pricing plans:

  • 10GB – $9.95 per month or $99.50 per year
  • 20GB – $19.95 per month or $199.50 per year
  • 50GB – $49.95 per month or $499.50 per year
  • 100GB – $99.95 per month or $999.50 per year
  • 200GB – $199.95 per month or $1,995.50 per year
  • 300GB – $299.95 per month or $2,995.50 per year

IBackup also randomly runs promotional offers. These plan can offer either discounts on their regular plans, or just extra storage space on their existing plans. Also note that should you exceed your storage amount according to your plan, you will be charged $2 per additional GB per month.


Like all major online backup companies, IBackup provides the standard high level security measures when dealing with client data. Their servers are always monitored for potential threats and attacks. According to the IBackup website, “your data resides on RAID-protected industry leading NAS/SAN storage devices with multiple levels of redundancy.” Many companies feel the need to throw out three letter abbreviations that the average user probably won’t bother looking up. It just sounds good. What the above sentence in quotations really means is your files are protected against catastrophic data loss, whether it is from physical damage or software errors. IBackup also encrypts your data using a 256 bit AES encryption. They also go the extra mile by giving you the option for a personal encryption key.

Customer Service

IBackup understands that customer service plays a big factor in brand loyalty. With Ibackup, you can find good quality support via email, live chat, website form or phone. If you decide to call, the hours of operation are Monday-Friday 6AM – 6PM Pacific Standard Time. The representatives answer quickly and are generally helpful.


IBackup provides a great overall experience for business and individual users alike. The ease of use, range of features, security and customer support easily make IBackup a top online backup service provider. The extra distance they go for their clients makes it a smart choice.