JustCloud Review

Though considered to be a relatively new company by industry standards, JustCloud is one of the most recognized, well respected and innovative cloud storage companies around today. Launched in 2010, one of many reasons why JustCloud currently bests all other cloud storage services is the fact that it is suitable for all kinds of users – individuals, small businesses, and enterprises. From people with no technical background to the most savvy IT professional, JustCloud is unquestionably the leading cloud storage provider in usability. While storing your files in the cloud could become complicated, JustCloud has built a unique service designed to create a stress free storage solution. More importantly, you will be hard pressed to find a storage service that provides better value per dollar. Combine the value proposition with top of the line features, customer support and security, and what you get is by far the best cloud storage service on the market.


One need not look much further than the features offered by JustCloud to see just how much they have separated themselves from the competition. As per their website, “JustCloud has everything” and they do not disappoint. File versioning, which is unlimited through JustCloud, is a tremendous added benefit; never worry about accidentally deleting your latest version of a file or folder – JustCloud keeps a detailed list and copy of every action taken. Moreover, JustCloud’s automatic notification is a nifty little feature which breaks down information on space availability and storage scheduling. Additionally, JustCloud works with every operating system – Windows, Mac and Linux. You also have full mobile access in which Android, iOS and Blackberry are fully supported. Additional significant features that JustCloud offers are:

  • Unlimited cloud storage space
  • Unlimited computer synching
  • Unlimited file and folder sharing
  • Unlimited devices per user
  • Automatic, scheduled and/or selective backups
  • File Manager
  • Drag & Drop (drag files/folders and simply drop them in the JustCloud interface)
  • Online Control Panel
  • Full computer restore
  • Video tutorials

One specific key feature worth elaborating on is sharing your files or folders. JustCloud provides a customizable sharing solution. You will not only have the ability to share files or complete folders, you will be able to create private links to share with individuals of your choosing.

Ease of Use

To say JustCloud’s platform is easy to use would be an understatement. Using the online control panel, the file manager and the automation that comes along with JustCloud proves to be remarkably easy, especially for a novice cloud storage user. From signing up to fully using JustCloud on a daily basis, getting used to their service will take no longer than a matter of minutes. In fact, every user must sign up for the free trial. You are only required to provide your name and email address. Total sign up time: 15 seconds. The issue with the free trial is that you are only awarded 20MB of storage space. This free trial is actually quite smart considering the JustCloud team knows the overwhelming majority of people will want to upgrade to a paid account. JustCloud excels at simplicity and their free trial offer is a good indication of that. Likewise, you will need to download the software which also takes a matter of seconds.


JustCloud Download Page


As noted above, you will not find a cloud storage service with better value than JustCloud. For all of the features, security and customer support you receive, we were stunned to see a free price tag. While nothing is ever truly free, JustCloud offers their service for a limited time for free, which is essentially a free trial (except you actually receive all of the features as opposed to other brands who offer free trials with limited features and storage space). This goes to show just how much JustCloud management believes in their top rated service. Additionally, once the time for the free service has expired, the price increases to only $2.95/month. To put that in perspective, other cloud storage providers generally offer their unlimited storage services in the ballpark of $5-$10 per month. Moreover, JustCloud provides exceptional business plan pricing. $19.95/month gets you 100GB and 5 computers. $49.95/month gets you $49.95/month and 20 computers. All plans come with a 30 day money back guarantee, no questions asked.


One of the most important aspects of a cloud storage service are the security measures they employ. JustCloud understood this from the beginning and quickly implemented the most trusted protection procedures possible. Aside from using military grade 256-bit AES encryption, JustCloud uses Amazon S3 data centers to store your files which are among the most secured data centers in the world.

Customer Support

For the superiority offered by JustCloud, we were perplexed that JustCloud offers no phone or live chat support. As it turns out, there is zero effect on their customer service. JustCloud offers 24/7 email support in which they employ dozens of highly trained IT specialists. In the unlikely event of a service inquiry, JustCloud will respond in record timing. Moreover, JustCloud offers useful video tutorials, FAQs and a highly active community should you require assistance.


Customer Support Center


If you are looking for a reliable and affordable cloud storage solution, JustCloud is a phenomenal choice. The wide range of features along with first-rate customer support, unbeatable usability and top of the line security make it the best cloud storage destination for storage seekers all around the world.