KineticD Review

KineticD, formally Data Deposit Box, was founded in 2002 in Toronto, Canada. In 2011, they merged with ROBOBAK in an attempt to become a leader in small and mid-sized business (SMB) cloud storage.  They have certainly taken strides towards this, and they currently work with over 60,000 users. KineticD provide an enterprise level of service to their SMB user base and have designed it to be as user friendly as possible. They have designed their program to support all types of equipment including PCs, Macs, Servers, Databases, and Virtual Servers. We would certainly recommend KineticD for all SMB users.


KineticD offers three unique backup clients: PC, MAC, and Server client, all of which offer a range of features and functionality. This includes patented CDP technology to a powerful and robust hybrid backup client. They have both local and cloud data backup capabilities. A helpful feature in their service is their free data seeding. For your initial backup you can send an external memory drive or a USB device to their data centers for instant transfer and secure protection. Other main features include:

  • No bandwidth cps
  • Live backups including MS SQL and MS Exchange
  • Free unlimited local backup
  • Incremental backups
  • Unlimited number of computers for one account
  • File versioning
  • File archiving
  • Free mobile apps including Mac OS X, iPad and iPhone

Another great feature is their extensive open and locked file support. They provide this support across many propriety software programs such as Outlook, Great Plains, QuickBooks, MS Access, and MySQL. Additionally, you can control various aspects of the service. For example, with the file versioning, you can control how many days of versions are stored and this can range from days to years.

Ease of use

After signing up on their site, you will receive an e-mail for validation. They seem fond of these as you receive an email every time something is changed or added to your service. You will then be presented with a download link. Installation took the standard couple of minutes and then you are ready to go. You are able to select folders for back up even before the installation is completed.
The user interface is pretty simple to navigate. There is a status viewer window where you can view the status of your backups as well as;= start a restore, clean up, start a backup session, or configure options. The dialog page includes the standard My Documents, Desktop, Favorites, and e-mail folders, but you can personalize this according to your needs.
Once installed, backups can be set by schedule (daily, weekly or monthly). Alternatively, they can be set during computer downtime so as not to interfere with your work. On automatic backup, KineticD constantly runs silently in the background and checks your preferred folders several times a minute, uploading all new and edited files immediately. In order to streamline the backup process, they have centralized the backup control to one primary computer, and consequently applications don’t need to be installed on each computer you wish to backup.


KineticD Dashboard


KineticD’s pricing program is extremely competitive for SMB focused services. They offer packages starting from $0.50/GB plus the basic system access fee (PC or MAC clients – $3.95 and Server client $6.95) for the data that you send to the cloud. The best part of their plan is that all local data stored is free of charge.


KineticD’s security measures are outstanding. They provide bank-grade 448-bit Blowfish Encryption, and all stored data is encrypted on their SSAE 16 certified secure data center. A useful aspect of their security is that all data being backed up is compressed before transfer to their remote servers. This is great as it not only increases security but it also enhances backup speed.

Customer Support

Though KineticD do not offer live chat support, they do have very responsive phone and email support services. Additionally, they also have a well-organized knowledgebase, though it is a little thin. Moreover, they are available and active on their social media channels.


KineticD is quite simply an extremely well designed online backup service that not only offers a fantastic range of features but is also extremely easy to use. Further, you can be assured that your data is safe with their top level security measures. With such a competitive cost, they really do surpass our expectations. While they do have backup plans for individual storage seekers, we would recommend KineticD for all SMB users.