Memopal Review

Italian based Memopal has been around since 2008. In the years since, they have grown to provide a service that is both high quality and inexpensive. Memopal have specially designed their product to be cross compatible on all platforms including Linux for x86 and x86_64, Mac and Windows computers. It is important to note though that since they are based in Europe, some American users may experience some slight slow down of their backup process. Therefore, we would recommend Memopal as the ideal choice for all European home and small business users.


Memopal offers an above average feature list, and their standout feature is the ability to handle large file transfers. There are very few providers that allow for file transfers on files larger than 1GB, but Memopal are one of the few. This saves you the hassle of having to compress files or break them up in order to share them with others. Other key Memopal features include:

  • Unlimited computers
  • Unlimited file versioning
  • Automatic real-time backups
  • Email backup
  • All types of files
  • File archiving- restore deleted files
  • Resource controlled
  • Mobile apps for Android, iPhone and BlackBerry

Ease of Use

Memopal use the standard installation process and with just a few clicks you are ready to go. Installation should not take you more than a couple of minutes from start to finish. You are then given their free package of 3GB, which is one GB more than most of their competitors. This free trial allows you to become familiar with the service before committing to it. You can upgrade to a full subscription package at any time. Once installed, you can set up your desired automatic backup schedule to either daily, weekly or monthly backups. Once the schedule is set, the program runs quietly in background. In addition to this, you can select the files you wish to backup through both web access as well as the installed apps on your computer or mobile devices.
Their user interface is very simply laid out on both the applications and the web control page. There you can navigate a select list of categories called: Files, Photos, Last Updated, Favorites and Shares. The shares tab lets you see all the files and folders you have shared so it is easy to keep track of your activity on the service. Additionally, there is a percentage bar that shows the amount of space you have already used and the option to upgrade to a higher package with more space if you want or need it.

Web File manager 3

Memopal Web Manager


Memopal are among the more budget online backup providers, and with 200GB for only approximately $5.62/month (pricing €49 for full year subscription), they certainly have something to shout about. This is fantastic value for money. They also offer a business plan for €144 for 200GB on one computer for one year. Additionally, they offer a 50TB hosted solution for enterprises, but you need to inquire about the price.


We have mixed feelings about Memopal’s security. On the one hand they offer 128-bit encryption with SSL during data transfer which, though it is sufficient for financial institutions like banks, is not on par with the military grade 256-bit encryption offered by many of their competitors. On the other hand, all files are sored with RAID-5 Technology and are mirrored in 3 geographically different locations. This means that not only are your files stored in three different locations, so if there is a problem with one servers you have it backed up twice more and have an almost 100% guarantee it won’t be lost with the servers, but also if there is a natural disaster and the entire datacenter is knocked out the files are stored in different geographical locations.

Customer Support

Memopal falls a little short with their customer support. Unlike many of their competitors, Memopal does not offer live chat, however, they do offer a very responsive phone and email ticket support service. Before contacting them though, we would recommend looking through their extensive FAQ section as answers to many day to day issues are covered there.


Memopal are a small online backup provider with a mighty service. They offer a wide variety of features with strong enough security. They also provide large storage space at a very reasonable price and their easy to navigate backup process makes us confident to recommend them to anyone looking for an online backup solution.