Monster Cloud Review

Monster Cloud is a relatively new British cloud storage and backup company that is making serious headway in the world of online backup. While the top 10 cloud storage providers offer some nice customer service, almost all of them do not go the distance like Monster Cloud. When is the last time you have seen a new cloud company offer customer service through the social media channels? With the exception of Monster Cloud, we have yet to come across a new storage provider who offers this. Further, a quick comparison will show you that their pricing is among the cheapest in the backup industry. If you are looking for a well thought out personalized online backup solution with a range of features, quality support and incredible pricing, you should seriously consider backing up your files with Monster Cloud.


Whether you are looking for a backup or storage solution, Monster Cloud offers customers the perfect amount of feature options. Let’s be honest – a major cloud storage company like JustCloud offers an inordinate amount of options. The fact of the matter is that many of their customers either end up never using most of the features or it becomes too much to read into. We understand that most people are just looking for a simple yet reliable backup solution. While the cloud competition has come up with all of these “fancy” features that are designed to impress but in reality cause headaches, Monster Cloud has really set the standard here. Also, just like most other companies, Monster Cloud is user friendly for both PCs and Macs. That being said, here are a list of some of their important backup and storage features:

  • Unlimited storage with upgraded plan (1TB of storage for basic plan)
  • Automatic backup
  • Mobile access
  • Top of the line 256-bit AES encrpytion
  • Free software & support
  • File synching across all devices
  • File sharing
  • Streaming to media

Ease of Use

Staying in line with their basic but perfect amount of features, Monster Cloud got it perfect in terms of usability. The user interface is extremely intuitive and makes it a pleasant online backup experience. We read other positive reviews about Monster Cloud’s easy set up process and installation and wanted to test it out for ourselves. As it turns out, there was no exaggeration. Anyone from the technically challenged to the IT professional can install, back up and store their files with Monster Cloud in a matter of seconds.


Monster Cloud Backup Process


It will be difficult to find better value than what Monster Cloud offers. On the surface, the price itself doesn’t seem to ‘wow’ until you realize just how much space you are getting. Keep in mind that with a service like Dropbox, you get 2GB free and then you must upgrade to a $9.99/month plan for perhaps a few hundred more GBs. With Monster Cloud, you have the option to pay $3.25/month for 1TB (yes, TB) of backup space. Considering you will most likely never need anywhere close to 1TB, this is a plan for just about anyone (unless you are a business). However, if you were to upgrade for an additional $1.64/month, you get unlimited space for a total of $4.89/month. There are no hidden fees or fine print. Unlimited means unlimited. If you want to go the distance and pay for 512GB of cloud storage space in which unlimited online backup comes included, this plan will cost you $9.79/month – one of the best prices on the market. To make pricing even better, you have the ability to pay yearly which will save you 20%.


It is quite difficult for smaller known cloud storage services to compete with larger brands who have more resources to put toward security. Luckily though, Monster Cloud focused a significant amount of their means on security. All of your files are secured by military grade 256-bit AES encryption, which is better than some of the other top cloud storage companies who offer 128-bit SSL encryption. Moreover, Monster Cloud uses multiple data centers and drive arrays spread throughout London to ensure for maximum security.

Customer Support

Monster Cloud runs a small but effective service. When we rated other companies in our online backup reviews section, there were many companies that had outstanding customer support ratings. However, this was based on the sheer size of the companies and how they handle all of that volume. In comparison however, they do not match the support of Monster Cloud. If you ever needed support, you have the ability to contact them via phone, online form or email. While the service is only available Monday to Friday 8:30AM-5:30PM, you can expect a response within a matter of minutes during the on call times. Lastly, Monster Cloud offers video tutorials should you want additional information and assistance.


Monster Cloud is a surprising little cloud storage company. The amount of features offered is spot on and their value per dollar is quite literally unbeatable. If you are looking for these attributes along with intimate customer support, you should strongly consider Monster Cloud as your online backup provider.