MyPC Backup Review

Although the company is named MyPCBackup, its website is quick to explain that the service backs up more than just a user’s PC, it backs up his or her entire life. From music and movies to documents and emails, MyPCBackup offers reliable service to protect nearly every type of file. Unlike some of the other online backup providers that still use remote server storage, MyPCBackup uses the latest cloud storage technology to back up the files selected by the user as securely as possible.
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MyPCBackup offers a range of features that are designed to combine superior storage with unrivaled convenience. This top online backup provider stands out from its competitors by offering file versioning, a service that gives users the ability to retrieve prior versions of files that they’ve recently changed. Though this may not seem important to some, anyone who has ever needed an older version of a document will appreciate the convenience that this feature provides.

Other MyPCBackup features worth mentioning include:

  • Option to share files via social media platforms or custom links
  • Ability to sync files between different computers so that there is no need to email heavy files between parties
  • Accessibility from anywhere, even from computers without MyPCBackup installed
  • Automated backups to ensure that no backups will be forgotten and that the user’s information will be protected at all times
  • Access to files from mobile devices
  • Backup of devices including Kindles, iPads, iPhones, Androids and Blackberry devices
  • Backup of external drives and files
  • 256 SSL (secure socket layers) protection of all files

Ease of Use

MyPCBackup is extremely easy to use, from the installation of the software to the actual backup of the files. The company provides a step-by-step explanation of the installation, something we found a bit unnecessary since the process was so intuitive on its own. MyPCBackup offers a limited free trial which includes the backup of a select few files, chosen by the system not by the user. Anyone wishing to backup their entire computer will need to purchase one of the company’s backup plans.

The MyPCBackup dashboard has a very intuitive layout, making it easy to access those features they most commonly use. The display includes three top tabs in the main section of the dashboard which allow for users to see their backed up files, synced folders and their backup history. The history tab offers a full view of the backups that took place including when they occurred, how long each one took and how many files were newly backed up versus how many were updated in a given backup. Users can opt to backup their entire computer or to use the drag and drop feature which works for both backing and sharing files. There is no need to upload any files onto the system in order to back them up.


MyPCBackup Dashboard


MyPCBackup offers 3 different backup packages that differ only on the amount of backup space available in the plan. All of the features aside from the storage space are identical between the plans. Each MyPC Backup plan can be purchased for one month, six month, one year or two year durations. Understandably, the longer the term is, the cheaper the monthly fee will be. The Home plan includes 75GB of storage, the Premium plan comes with 250GB of storage and as expected, the Unlimited plan comes with unlimited storage. Prices range from the lower end of the spectrum at $7.61/month for a two-year commitment on the Home plan to the higher price of $14.44/month for a one-month subscription on the Unlimited plan. The two year Unlimited plan costs only $10.69/month, a price which is extremely reasonable. The ability to choose a plan based upon the storage space needed provides users with the ability to pay for only what they need, not for services that they won’t use.

It should be noted that backup of more than one computer with any MyPCBackup plan will require an additional fee. MyPCBackup also offers a 30 day money back guarantee for anyone who isn’t entirely satisfied with the service.


To provide maximum security for all of their clients, MyPCBackup uses 256 bit AES and SSL (secure sockets layer) encryption to transfer all files so that no information can be accessed by third parties or intruders of any type. All files are replicated in multiple American or European data-centers to ensure that the information won’t be lost or damaged for any reason.

Customer Support

Customers seeking assistance from the MyPCBackup team can get the information they need from one of several channels. Live support is available via email at any time of day or night, every day of the year. The company also offers a thorough and well-organized FAQ section that addresses many common technical questions so that users will be able to find the answers to their questions independently. Video tutorials are also available to help users deal with installation, syncing, restoring files and even updating their billing information.


MyPCBackup is a reliable online backup service that is suitable for anyone that wants an automatic backup system or one that integrates multiple devices. The convenience of being able to protect files from mobile devices as well as from a PC is rather significant, as is the ability to access prior versions of all backed up files for 7 days. With storage of files in the Google Cloud and the use of several data-centers in top-secret locations for security purposes, users can feel confident that MyPCBackup will store their information securely and have it completely accessible from anywhere in the world.