Nextiva Review

It is no secret that VoIP services are a dime a dozen. You can see VoIP reviews everywhere. But what happens when one outstanding service is nowhere to be found? This is the case of Nextiva, which primarily caters to business customers. Nextiva is a top 10 VoIP provider just by sheer number of customers. They service over 90,000 business accounts, including (ironically) IBM, which is considered a major cloud company itself. With all of the advertising fluff, customers have started to focus mainly on what features a VoIP provider offers, as this has unfortunately become the only predominant selling point of a VoIP service. While features are important, there are many other factors, such as reliability and support, which are equally important when choosing a VoIP provider. Even though Nextiva has an array of features that rivals some of the best VoIP providers, they have chosen to largely focus on the less marketable aspects of their service – reliability and support – and this is likely the reason why you have not heard much about their stellar service.


We mentioned that Nextiva put a lot of energy into their reliability and support. However, they do not get enough credit for all of the features they offer, as they deliver some of most technologically advanced features on the market. One example of this is their unified communications feature which combines voice, video, mobile and web collaboration all in one system. Another major reason why businesses choose Nextiva as their VoIP provider is because many plug ins and software apps seamlessly integrate a unified communications system directly with a CRM, reporting, and various other business apps. Other main features include:

  • Unlimited minutes (US, Canada & Puerto Rico)
  • Unlimited faxing
  • Mobility
  • Number portability
  • Auto attendant
  • HD voice quality
  • Receptionist
  • Conference calling
  • Meet-Me conferencing (record calls automatically)
  • Voicemail to e-mail

There are countless other vital features that Nextiva offers, such as call queuing and Nextiva Anywhere, which enables you to never miss a call when you add your mobile phone and soft phone to your business account, and swap between devices while continuing your call. We strongly recommend visiting their website to see a full list of their standout features.

Ease of Use

Finding a VoIP service provider that is easy to use, specifically providers that target business users, can be difficult. They are few and far between. Nextiva went out of their way to provide usability and efficiency. The download process is relatively standard although it may take a bit more time than your average VoIP download due to the heavy nature of the software. We would like to note though that their software does not affect your computer’s performance more than any other VoIP software would. Another area that Nextiva heavily focused on was time management and efficiency. This can be seen in their easy to use online control panel and NextOS unified communications online dashboard. With Nextiva’s choice of command centers, you can now improve employee productivity and identify various issues such as bottlenecks.


Nextiva offers 3 straightforward plans that are very nicely laid out on their website: Office Pro, Office Pro Plus and Office Enterprise. As always, we recommend taking a look on the Nextiva website to see a full breakdown of the plans, however here is a chart which shows the main benefits for each plan:


Office Pro

Office Pro Plus

Office Enterprise

Unlimited callingYesYesYes
Unlimited virtual faxYesYesYes
Professional greeting135
Conference bridgeNoYesYes
Nextiva mobile appNoYesYes
Call recordingNoNoYes
Free local numberYesYesYes
Cloud PBXYesYesYes

As you can see, Nextiva’s prices are rather competitive given the users they target. In fact, aside from RingCentral, Nextiva is probably one of the best value propositions on the market. Furthermore, there are no setup fees on any plan. Additionally, Nextiva offers two SIP Trunking plans that come with a wealth of features. The prices for those plans are $14.95/month and $24.95/month.

Customer Support

If you are keen on customer service, look no further. Nextiva has gone above and beyond the competition. Nextiva has branded their customer support as “Amazing Service,” and they live up to that name. 95% of their support calls are answered by the second ring. There is little or no hold time for every customer, something that cannot be said about any other VoIP service. They also offer customizable solutions to help your business succeed. Other things on offer are personal walk throughs of their system, instant troubleshooting, or live engagement via social media. Lastly, we would like to point out the service dominance they boast, as they offer e-mail, phone and live chat support. The only potential caveat to their customer support is that it is not 24/7 however no VoIP service is. Nextiva’s hours of operation are Monday-Friday 5AM-6PM and Saturdays 9AM-1PM (AZ time zone).

Reliability (Call Quality)

The quality of your call largely depends on your internet provider, speed and router. Anyone looking for the best business VoIP provider is exactly that – a business. Businesses tend to have the best internet connections and routers, and therefore Nextiva does not list a range of routers that enhance overall reliability and VoIP performance. However, Nextiva does have a dedicated system status page that alerts you to any live issues. You can also subscribe to updates which give you instant messages on any issues that arise. The platform is also supported by over 150 engineers which allows issues to be resolved efficiently. Moreover, Nextiva is a wise choice if your priorities are business continuity and disaster recovery. As per their website, Nextiva offers “failover redundancy (which) spans multiple data centers and ISPx” and “The NextOS platform has a guaranteed 99.999% uptime.”


If you are a business in need of a VoIP service, look no further. While RingCentral may be the best overall choice, Nextiva is the king of business VoIP accounts. Their long range of features is only outdone by their incredible commitment to customer support and reliability. Overall, Nextiva delivers a complete quality service at a very affordable price.