Online ADA Review

Instead of overloading users with complex disability compliance code, laws, and regulations, Online ADA is a disability compliance service that keeps things simple and easy to understand. Offering a wide range of disability compliance tools, services, and resources, Online ADA can help your website stay compliant with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) and Section 508 accessibility regulations.

Whether you’re just starting out online or you’ve been in business for years, online disability compliance is crucial for your business to succeed in an online world. Without Online ADA at your side, you may be missing out on countless customers around the globe.

Website disability compliance services may sound complex, but in this review, we’ll show you all you can get when you sign up, how easy it is to use the service, and why signing up with Online ADA may be the right choice for your business.

Pricing and Value

When you first look at Online ADA’s website, it looks strikingly different from other disability compliance websites out there. Rather than pushing services from the get-go, Online ADA has tons of free resources and informational articles right on the home page. In addition to informative articles and a free guide to online accessibility, you can also take advantage of a free home page audit, which we will discuss further in the features section of this article.

Considering that so much information and so many tools are available for free before you even sign up, it’s clear to see that Online ADA is a fantastic value. Like most disability compliance sites, Online ADA does not publish pricing directly on the website, meaning they don’t use a “one price fits all” model. What that really means is that you’re only paying for what your business needs.

Online ADA focuses on an in-depth review of your website, with customized, personalized remediation suggestions to ensure that your site remains compliant. Online ADA works differently than other disability compliance services, offering fantastic features that virtually any business can take advantage of.


Rather than automated detection and remediation when it comes to keeping your website compliant, Online ADA relies primarily on manual reviews from live disability compliance experts. With thorough manual reviews of your entire website, your business will remain compliant with WCAG and Section 508 accessibility standards.

After a full manual review of your entire website, the team at Online ADA will also work to officially recognize and certify your website as compliant under WCAG and Section 508 guidelines. These official certifications designate your business as a leader in your industry, and when these certifications come from a leader in accessibility compliance like Online ADA, you’re taking your business’ online presence to the next level.

In addition to full support from a team of accessibility experts, you can take advantage of a free initial home page scan to see just how Online ADA’s accessibility services can help your business. The full scan is automated, providing results in just a few minutes. You’ll get a full report on which sections of WCAG 2.0 and Section 508 need to be addressed on your home page, allowing you to take action immediately. You don’t even need to be an Online ADA customer to take advantage of the free home page scan.

Online Ada Free Scan

Finally, be sure to check out the full accessibility guide, which is also completely free to customers and non-customers alike. The guide will detail current accessibility guidelines, how to look for issues on your own site, and how to start working toward accessibility compliance.

Online ADA will work directly with you and your business to understand your goals and objectives, as well as create a custom accessibility compliance plan for your website.

Setup Process

As Online ADA is primarily a manual accessibility remediation service, there isn’t much that you need to do in terms of setting up the service. To begin, you’ll want to take advantage of the free home page scan to see how your site stacks up against current guidelines. From there, you can sign up for your accessibility compliance service from Online ADA. The free scan is incredibly simple to start. All you need to do is enter the website you want to scan and an email where the report should be sent.

When you sign up for your full Online ADA service, the accessibility experts will handle the entire process of testing, documenting, and remediating any accessibility issues with your site. Rather than inserting a few lines of code with little to no human interaction, Online ADA believes in constant communication with you and your team when reviewing, identifying, and addressing compliance issues.

Customization and Design

The accessibility tools that you’ll have access to when you use Online ADA are completely customizable to match your specific business themes and branding. Online ADA will also work with you and your team to develop customized accessibility solutions depending on what your website needs.Whether that’s color contrasting, magnification tools, or text to speech options, what you receive with Online ADA’s services is completely up to you based on your business needs.

Customer Support

Online ADA has a fairly responsive team of live experts ready to answer all of your accessibility questions. Whether it’s to obtain a quote on services or to perform troubleshooting on your existing service, you can contact Online ADA by submitting a message on the contact page or by calling the customer support number.

While form submissions typically take quite a while to get a response, Online ADA is dedicated to responding to all submissions within one business day. Online ADA also has plenty of free articles and resources that you can view online. There isn’t a dedicated resource page on the site, but Online ADA makes it very easy to find all the resources you may need by putting them right on the home page.

Even if you don’t plan on signing up for Online ADA’s services, you can learn a lot about accessibility compliance, regulations, and ways to keep your site compliant right from the Online ADA website.


Online ADA is an industry-leading accessibility compliance service that can truly transform your website, granting access to millions of internet users around the world that have disabilities that make it difficult to engage with business websites. Instead of placing automated code into your website and taking a minimal-effort approach to managing your website’s accessibility compliance, Online ADA takes a hands-on approach to fully review your website for accessibility compliance.

By offering tons of free, valuable resources without the need for signing up for service, Online ADA is helping change the face of online accessibility. We love the free home page scan that shows you exactly what your site may need to become compliant with WCAG 2.0 and Section 508 accessibility guidelines.

We also enjoy the fact that you get a truly dedicated team of accessibility experts to support you and your business. Automation is certainly convenient, but the consistent full-manual review service that Online ADA provides truly can’t be beaten.