Phootime Review

Launched in 2012 and based in Taipei, Taiwan, Phootime are a supreme photo sharing and storage service provider. Please note this is not a traditional cloud storage service comparable to Dropbox; rather it is an online library for all you images and media files. All files are stored on Amazon’s datacenters with Amazon Web Services (AWS) so you know your files are not only safe, but they are also secure. This is an ideal service for all artists and photography enthusiasts.


Phootime really shines with their thorough bank of features. A standout feature of this service is the online design and photography exhibition. This is where artists can showcase their work in an online portfolio displayed as a personalized online exhibition. Other features include:

  • Drag to upload
  • View files online even in RAW form
  • Collaborative Albums
  • Complete customization with 50+ themes
  • Mobile apps
  • Adjust file sizes whilst maintaining image quality
  • Integration with social channels including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Instagram and Flickr
  • Use custom domain name
  • Customize via HTML/CSS/JavaScript
  • Download original files


Phootime offers three main packages on top of the basic free package (that only includes 100 pics per month with a maximum file size of 5MB):

1) The ‘Plus’ package is the most basic one offered. If includes most of the features mentioned above and costs $4.99 per month for unlimited storage, and a max photo size of 200MB.

2) The ‘Pro Lite’ package is the next step up costing $33 per year. It includes 50GB storage, video file support, the ability to embed YouTube videos, and a maximum video file size of 4GB (or 1080p).

3) The ‘Pro’ package is the most advanced package offered. At $6.99 per month, it includes everything from the ‘Pro Lite package’ plus unlimited storage.

Ease of Use

From the get go, this service is extremely easy to use. The drag to upload feature gives the feeling of a frictionless experience with absolutely no lag. Users are not only able to store files without losing image quality, but they are able to improve them as well. Phootime offers an online photo editing software provided by PicMonkey that lets user really make the most of their images. Additionally, all users are able to customize a personal album through CSS/HTML/JavaScript which is laid out so even the less tech-savvy users can make the most of it.

There could be a possible complication with having an online portfolio in the same place as where the images are stored. For example, say a user has a large number of similar files that they want to keep, however they are afraid that by doing so some users will lose interest in their portfolio. This could lead to a loss in viewership. Phootime have pre-empted this with their “Grouping photos” feature. Here, when a user groups photos, Phootime will automatically generate slideshows with the optimized grouped photos.

Phootime Organizer

Phootime File Organiser

phootime image galery

Phootime Gallery


All files are transferred and stored using SSL encryption. Accounts are not only locked with password protections, but images can be as well. Specific settings can be set and customized to every image, folder of category. As mentioned above, the images are stored on AWS datacenters so users can be rest assured that they are receiving elite security for their files.

Customer Support

Due to the simplicity of this service, Phootime provides only the bare necessities in terms of their support package. This comes in the form of email support with a prompt response time. Additionally, they provide a resource center with short, focused answers for the most common questions.


Phootime is a dream fir all art and photography enthusiasts. They not only provide a home to an unlimited number of images, but they also provide a space for editing and collaboration. Additionally, users are able to show off their work in an online exhibition that is linked across multiple social channels. Phootime offers a 14 day free trial and we wouldn’t be surprised if it took half as long for a user to become hooked on this great service.