SOS Online Backup Review

There may be many providers to choose from, but SOS Online Backup stands apart from the pack by providing backup for up to five computers with even its most basic plan, as compared to most other top online backup providers that charge an additional fee for multiple computers. SOS Online Backup is also noted as one of the only providers that offers live chat service and phone support to address the needs of their users in real time. If you’re looking for a comprehensive service with a top-notch customer support team, SOS Online Backup may be just what you’re looking for.

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SOS Online Backup offers perhaps the most comprehensive list of features we’ve seen, including the backup of multiple computers and mobile devices included in the company’s most basic plan. Additional features worth noting are online backup for users’ Facebook accounts, as well as video tutorials to help users understand the process and learn about how to secure their data in the best way possible. Finally, we were extremely impressed by the company’s provision of unlimited file versioning, ensuring that SOS Online Backup clients can retrieve any version of any file that has been backed up. SOS Online Backup also does allow maximal flexibility in terms of the number of devices backed up in a single package, and personal plans are unlimited in cloud storage space.

Further features include:

  • Continuous backup so that users won’t forget to back up their data
  • Sharing of any file type with no limit on space
  • Access of any file from any web browser
  • Backup of external hard drives (available with the Business plan)
  • Automatic archiving of missing files (available with the Business plan)

Ease of Use

Online backup services have the tendency to be overwhelming for users who aren’t especially technical, but SOS Online Backup clearly tries to make it as easy as possible, by providing true transparency regarding their services, features and security. The company’s website provides a clear comparison between all different plans of pricing, enabling users to choose the plan they really need without paying for services or storage space they won’t use.

We were a bit surprised to see that unlike its competitors, SOS Online Backup does not provide a free trial which would allow users to test the service before making a commitment. Nevertheless, we were satisfied with the company’s smooth download process and software that runs quickly and efficiently without slowing down the computer. The user dashboard was easy to understand and the download process was simple. Likewise, we appreciated that the service informed us of how much space each folder required, so we’d know if we needed to upgrade our package or skip the backup of certain files.

SOS Online Backup dashboard

SOS Scheduling Capabilities

SOS Online Backup Scheduler

SOS Online Backup Dashboard


Home users looking to back up their data can choose from one of three SOS Online Backup plans and choose between plans of one month, one year or two years. The monthly price starts at $7.99/month or as little as $5.83/month for those willing to make a two year commitment. Note that all of these plans are for one PC or Mac only. However, SOS also offers the option for backup on up to 5 PCs/Macs. Pricing is as follows: $39.95 for one month, $399.95 for a one year plan, and $699.95 for the 2 year plan.

SOS Business plans are available with a large range of storage space – anywhere between 10 and 1,000GB. Pricing for the Business plan starts at $9.99/month for the 10GB plan or as much as $7,199.99 for a two year commitment on the 1,000GB plan. They offer one of the most comprehensive pricing plans on the market, and in our opinion, one of the best value propositions as well. The only potential downside to SOS is that while you may cancel your plan at any time, it does not come with any money back guarantee.


SOS Online Backup trumpets its military-grade backup which has a three-tiered security system to provide protection to its clients at all times. In addition to the encryption technologies that are used by most leading online backup providers, SOS Online Backup also uses additional password encryption called UltraSafe which enables users to provide a personal password for their own information that cannot be accessed by anyone else. SOS Online Backup is also proud to have 11 datacenters worldwide which are under 24/7 surveillance for maximal security.

Customer Support

As mentioned previously, SOS Online Backup offers live customer service via phone and online chat, as well as email support. The company’s clients can also get a substantial amount of information about the service from the web tutorials and a support center that has a question and answer section where users can type in their question to receive relevant responses. We used multiple channels of customer support during this SOS Online Backup review, and were extremely satisfied with the response time and the information provided.


Users with multiple computers will be happy to know that SOS Online Backup offers protection for up to five computers within a single backup plan. Additionally, the company does offer extremely valuable business backup plans. With a user-friendly interface, reliable live support and unlimited file versioning, there’s no question that SOS Online backup offers all of the services necessary to make users feel entirely certain that they’re getting top quality online backup services at a reasonable price.