Tresorit Review

The cloud storage market isn’t what it used to be. We have seen a lot of consolidation and wild offerings that have pushed many service providers out of business. But, there is one name in the storage world that keeps people talking. Tresorit is this company, and it’s no surprise why. Tresorit has been around for years now, servicing more than one hundred thousand customers. With over 50 employees worldwide, they have been giving large storage companies like DropBox and Box a run for their money.


The fact that Tresorit is not only still around but is thriving isn’t shocking. That’s because their success starts with their features list, which surpasses most of the major cloud storage companies. Yes, it is true that many of the features Tresorit offers overlaps with other storage providers, however they do offer some pretty impressive and unique features such as 2-factor authentication. Other primary features include:

  • 100 or 1,000GB of encrypted storage (dependent on plan)
  • Unlimited version recovery and sharing
  • Unlimited activity history
  • File sharing with password protected links
  • Synching of existing folder structure
  • Secure access (on up to 5 or 10 devices dependent on plan)
  • Permission control
  • Zero-knowledge authentication
  • End to end encryption
  • Available on any web browser, Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Windows Phone & Blackberry

Tresorit Dashboard

Tresorit Dashboard

We would like to note that the above features are just for their individual plans. For business? Tresorit offers a much more robust features list. This includes features such as digital rights management, phone support, team-level file control, HIPAA compliance, on-premise deployment, admin API, DRM protection, personalized staff training and much more. In fact, the list would be too long to detail in a review like this. The only downside is that Tresorit has file size limits on all of their plans (max 10GB). But aside from that, essentially speaking, it’s easy to see that Tresorit was built with the business user in mind. If you are considering cloud storage for your business, no matter the size, it’s clear Tresorit is your choice.

Ease of Use

When the CloudWedge teams puts a service through a rigorous review, we generally separate storage providers that cater toward the individual and business user in regard to usability. Anyone familiar with cloud storage understands that using cloud storage for your personal needs is mostly easier than using it for business. However, this was not the case with Tresorit. We were stunned to see the intuitiveness that Tresorit provides for both their individual and business users alike. While the Tresorit dashboard is proprietary, there is no learning curve what-so-ever, even on the business account. They employ the loved-by-all drag and drop feature in order to upload files to the cloud. Sharing links is equally as easy through the ‘Links’ tab on the dashboard. Account access could be considered a hassle but that’s because of Tresorit’s insane security measure (which we expound upon below). To date, Tresorit was one of the easiest to use cloud storage services we have come across.


Tresorit is based in Switzerland so their pricing is in Euros. We have seen other Tresorit reviews claim that their pricing is unjustified, however this couldn’t be further from the truth. For a basic business DropBox plan, it will cost you $10 USD per month. For Tresorit Business? It’s 10 Euros per month, which is roughly $10.60 per month. For the extra security layers you receive, we choose Tresorit all day. Every day. For your convenience, we have laid out the various Tresorit pricing plans below:

  • Individual ‘Premium’ – $10.42/month
  • Individual Professionals  ‘Solo’ – $24.20/month
  • ‘Small Business’ – $20/month
  • ‘Business’ – $12/month
  • ‘Enterprise’ – $24/month


It’s clear upon arrival to the Tresorit website that they put a serious emphasis on security. Tresorit has earned a reputation as the DropBox-like functionality but with heavily upgraded security. How upgraded? For starters, Tresorit uses the highest grade encryption methods out there. Every file, every piece of data you store is encrypted end-to-end with randomly generated encryption keys (which are never stored in unecrypted form on the cloud). Your data is also encrypted before it even leaves your device. Additionally, only you and your team have access to the decryption key. The only downside is that this may be too risky for some, since if you lose that, you’re locked out. We would go as far as saying that there is currently no other safer cloud storage service than Tresorit.


With a full service like this, we were expecting a wide range of support options, and that’s exactly what we came across. From resources to video guides and a heavily populated FAQ section, in addition to live chat and email support, the support variety is off the charts. Moreover, some services offer these same support channels, but none of them have the response time of Tresorit. For example, we used the live chat function and received a reply from ‘Tom’ within 15 seconds. We followed up the following day with just about the same result. We have yet to find a customer service team as dedicated and knowledgeable as Tresorit’s.