Webcargo Review

Founded in 2003 and headquartered in Montréal, Canada, Webcargo offers a supreme collaboration and file sharing service. It was originally built to increase creative collaboration and streamline the approval process within the advertising industry. They have since extended to all industries and are a leading and trusted global provider. Webcargo is an ideal service provider for any business looking to share large or time critical files with ease.


Webcargo really has no shortage when it comes to features. The standout feature for this service is the ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival). Webcargo is one of the only providers that gives you an approximation of the delivery time for each file that you send. This allows you to make informed decisions with the knowledge of exactly who has access to any one file at any given time. Other features include:

  • Drag and drop
  • Upload file sizes as large as 30 GB.
  • Email autocomplete directly from your address book
  • Option to show Client/Product/Job number fields for your records
  • Share expiration date to up to 14 days
  • Recipient authentication prior to file access
  • Notification when files are accepted
  • Locally stored copies of files is personal File Manager.
  • Upload resume


Webcargo offers four packages. The smallest package, ‘get to know us,’ is a free taster of their service. It supports from one user and up to five recipients per month, and $5 per recipient thereafter. There are limited data transfers with a max file size of 100MB, 1 brand logo, and no folder sharing. Then next package up is the ‘individual’ package for $25. This is for one user and includes unlimited sends, a 30K MB max file size, 1 brand logo, folder sharing, recipient authentication, and folder embedding. The third package is the ‘team’ package. This is best for small businesses and is $100 for up to 14 accounts with unlimited sends. It includes 30000 MB max file size, a dedicated account manager, choice of where your files are stored, up to 10 brands or logos, customizable folder embedding, and customizable recipient authentication.
Pricing for the largest package is available on request and is called ‘Enterprise.’ It is best suited for large to enterprise businesses and can support an unlimited number of users. It includes unlimited data transfers, a 30K MB max file size, a dedicated account manager, choice of where your files are stored, SSO, customizable brands or logos, customizable folder embedding, and customizable recipient authentication.

Ease of Use

This service is amazingly easy to use and navigate. Users can select which files to send, even prior to the file being uploaded. Then, once uploaded, the file will automatically be sent. This not only saves users time but also dramatically improves efficiency.  Folder sharing is designed much in the same way as an email. Users only need to add the email address of the recipient, enter the name of the folder and select ‘Share this folder.’ It is important to note that though recipients do not need to already be a member of Webcargo, they will need to create a Webcargo account to access the folder that has been shared with them. However, this does not need to be a paid account as they can sign up for a trial account of the service.
This service has been specially designed to make collaboration a dream. Users are able to set permission levels on the files that they share. With these permissions, the receiver can be set to just view the file, contribute and comment, either post comments directly on the delivery page or on individual files, and edit the whole file that also allows them to delete the file. For users who collaborate with a number of people, Webcargo empowers them with the knowledge of when files have been accessed and who this is managed by, with each recipient receiving a unique URL in which access can be deactivated individually. This ensures that each user is able to stay on top of their files and there is no accidental ‘dropping of the ball.’

Webcargo Dashboard

Webcargo Dashboard


Webcargo’s security is on par with a service of this caliber. Files are stored with military grade 256 bit encryption. The intricate levels of controls given to the users over who has access to their files and when ensures no one is getting near your files without your permission.

Customer Support

Webcargo only falls a little short when it comes to their customer support. Though they provide a rich knowledgebase that is connected to an email ticket system, they do not offer live chat or even phone support. That said, we have tested their email support and are pleased with their short response times, and helpful and knowledgeable support staff.


Webcargo has crafted a service that is not only rich in features but is also extremely easy to use. They offer a number of pricing packages to cater for every type of user and their user permission should be enough to make even the most paranoid of users comfortable to share their files. For those who are still unsure, Webcargo offers a free 14 day trial, whereby you just give your required storage space specs, email name and number. You will receive an email to verify you as an actual user, and then you are ready to go. We are more than happy to recommend this service.