ZipCloud Review

ZipCloud is an online backup provider that prides itself on delivering easy to use backup services with a range of helpful features that can provide users with peace of mind from the moment they click the download button.  Unlike other online backup services that restrict the features available in their basic package, ZipCloud offers a robust range of features in its only personal online backup plan.  The company offers three different plans whose features are identical but whose storage space differs.  Users can choose between 75GB of backup space, 250GB of backup space or unlimited backup space depending on their individual needs.  If you’re looking for an online backup provider that offers a range of prices with a generous list of features, ZipCloud may be just what you’re looking for. To learn more about ZipCloud, visit


Though none of the features offered by ZipCloud are especially unique, what makes the service stand out is the combination of these features into one convenient plan.  Unlike other services that separate their features while requiring users to purchase an upgraded plan to benefit from all of the company’s offerings, ZipCloud offers a robust base model that includes all of the features a user would need to feel entirely comfortable and secure.  Of note is the file syncing and sharing capability that is offered in every ZipCloud plan.  These services allow users not only to back up their files but to make them accessible to anyone who wants or needs them.

Other useful features include:

  • Access to backed up files from mobile devices
  • The ability to back up files from mobile devices
  • File syncing capabilities, even across multiple computers and devices
  • Automatic backups that allow users to ‘set it and forget it’
  • Backup of Windows, Mac OS and Linux systems as well as iPhone, iPads, Androids and Blackberries
  • Free file versioning for 7 days
  • File versioning for up to 30 days is available for an additional fee
  • Backup for network drives for an additional fee
  • Backup of additional computers available for an additional fee

Ease of Use

ZipCloud openly flaunts its simplicity and the ease with which the online backups can be run, though one can argue that such messaging is somewhat unnecessary, since the service’s intuitive web design speaks volumes all on its own.  Registration is as easy as inserting your name, email and a password, and the download begins instantly.  After following a few prompts, users can choose an automatic backup of only the MyDocuments folder, or custom backup which is marked for advanced users and allows for the selection of specific files to be backed up.

The ZipCloud backup process is quick and easy, and with the company’s ‘drag and drop’ system, users need only to drag their files into the dashboard to have them backed up or synced instantly.  All backed up files display in the ZipCloud dashboard as a mirror of the computer’s directory, so that it’s easy for users to find the file they need at any time.  Finally, ZipCloud’s mobile applications, which are available for most mobile devices, are just as easy to use as the company’s desktop application.

Zip Cloud Backup History Feature

Backup History Feature


ZipCloud offers three different plans for home users, which differ in price as well as in backup capacity.  All plans can be purchased for either 1 month, 6 months, 1 year or 2 years, and each term must be paid for in full in advance.  The Home plan, which includes75GB of backup space, ranges in price from $4.49/month for the 2 year package to $6.95/month for those who wish to purchase one month only.  The Premium plan includes 250GB of backup space, and can be purchased for $7.95 for the 1 month plan, or as low as $4.95/month for the two year package.  Lastly, the Unlimited plan costs anywhere from $6.95/month to $9.95 for a one month commitment.


As its name suggests, ZipCloud uses Google cloud storage servers.  The company’s data centers are located in top-secret locations within the United States and Europe.  All information that is passed to ZipCloud servers is transferred using 256-bit AES encryption to prevent against cyber theft and other breaches of confidentiality.  Simply put, ZipCloud makes supreme efforts to ensure that all of its backed up files are entirely secure.

Customer Support

ZipCloud users wishing to contact the company can do so via email only.  The company offers email support 24/7.  The company’s website also offers a helpful FAQ section that answers most, if not all, of the questions that a ZipCloud user may have.  During this ZipCloud review we perused the help section at length and found it to be well-organized and extremely informative.


The appeal of ZipCloud as an online backup provider lies in its uncluttered interface and undeniably straightforward usage which will be suitable for all users, even those with little or no technical experience.  The only real challenge for users will be to determine how much storage they need, but ZipCloud is quick to provide guidelines that will make the decision easy.  Moreover, ZipCloud makes it possible to add additional storage space at any time for an additional fee, so users shouldn’t be worried that they’ll ever be left without sufficient backup capacity.  Our experience with ZipCloud was entirely positive, and it’s easy to see why this company is counted among the leading online backup providers.