4 Reasons You Should Consider Using a VPN

A VPN does so much more than keeping your internet traffic and sensitive information safe. While that’s definitely the primary reason to use a VPN when browsing online, if you’re not familiar with VPNs, you’ll be surprised at just how much it can enhance  your online experience.

Whether you’re looking to connect your desktop, laptop, or mobile device, a VPN is a vital tool that you should use to stay secure online. Below are reasons to considers you should consider purchasing a VPN package.

1. Mask Internet Traffic

As we mentioned, a VPN will mask your internet traffic data, your sensitive information, and any device-specific information that’s being passed through your internet connection to the final website destination. When you’re browsing the internet on an unprotected connection, your sensitive information is at risk. Virtually anyone that is interested in getting your personal information can do so by accessing your open connection.

A VPN creates a secure connection by encrypting your information as soon as your device is turned on. That encrypted information is first sent through a VPN server, which assigns the connection a new IP address, location, and other important identifying information, before sending it on to the website server. This middle connection through a VPN server is what creates the security that’s needed to stay safe in an online world.

2. Torrenting

If you use torrenting (for legitimate reasons), a VPN is a great way to secure your torrenting and file sharing. Many major providers actually offer dedicated torrenting support and servers, making it even easier to torrent on the network.

However, you should always proceed with caution when torrenting. VPNs don’t add malware and virus scanners to your internet connection and device unless the they explicitly state that those features are provided. Always ensure that you have a high-quality malware scanner on your connected devices before torrenting.

3. Unlock Geo-Restricted Content

Depending on the specific streaming service you’re trying to access, you may be able to access geo-restricted content when you stream over your VPN connection. Services such as Netflix and Hulu are consistently updating their algorithms to attempt to detect and block VPNs, but the major providers are also coming up with ways to bypass geo-restricted content.

If you live in the United States and connect to a server in the United Kingdom, for example, your data connection will identify your location as the United Kingdom. That means you’ll have access to content that is only available in the United Kingdom. Simply switch a server to another location to unlock content from around the world.

4. Increase Internet Speeds

You read that right; you can actually increase your internet speed depending on what service provider you choose. While connecting to a server internationally will typically slow your connection down, if you connect to a geographically-close server, it may give you a boost in internet speeds depending on the quality of the server.

If you’re not currently using a VPN, it’s time to sign up for a service today. Stay safe online, unlock additional content, and have a better overall browsing experience.