How to Beat VPN for Netflix Ban

Over 100 million individuals from different part of the World utilize Netflix to see their favorite movies and TV shows. Nevertheless, you might have been informed that Netflix provides different content in different nations. Although all users log in through the same site,, the content they have access to varies based on their geographical location.

You would have noticed this better if you travel frequently and you watch movies on Netflix as you go-you might not be opportune to load some videos because of the region you are. For instance, if you travel to Spain, Germany, Hong Kong, you cannot see the significant Netflix programs such as the House of Cards and others.

A lot of Netflix clients make use of VPN to access Netflix website from different locations. If you reside in Germany but desire to see a movie that was exclusive to US viewers, you will need to launch your Netflix VPN client, connect to a United States server, then log in to and see that movie without any hassle. Of recent, this approach has been halted for a lot of users.

What’s the problem?

Netflix recently cracked down on those who were utilizing VPNs. They were trying to block various attempts to bypass their location-locked content using VPN clients, making it cumbersome to access their content from another region. What led to this action? Copyright owners of movies pressured Netflix as they were no longer receiving payment for viewing of their content. What is the essence of holding expensive streaming right for movies when users can watch it for free?

When users make use of a VPN to see a movie that is not licensed in their nation, the copyrights owners cannot receive payments when they view. Thus, Netflix had to be pressured to lock out those clients.

What is VPN Detection?

Anytime users of Netflix enable their VPN clients before visiting the website; they can browse without any restriction while making use of the location. For instance, if you connect to a server in the United Kingdom-London-Best server using IP Varnish, you will see the UK adaptation of the website and every functionality will be working correctly.

Immediately you click on a movie video to play, you will receive a proxy error notification such as, “Whoops, something went wrong…Stream Error”. Under this notification is a warning that you have been blocked for utilizing a proxy or an unblocker, and you will be disabled from playing the movie video. If you receive this warning, the VPN client has been blocked by Netflix, and you will not be able to watch your movie video.

This issue is masterminded by the industry-grade VPN detection used by Netflix. At first, the VPN is active as Netflix reads it as a United Kingdom IP address, and so it works for the UK adaption or version of the website (it also reads the country code of the emanating IP address and provide access to the vital part of the website). However, the Netflix server differs from the website server. The server hosts the video, and it employs stricter detection approaches to know whether a VPN is being utilized. This blocks users from accessing the content, even if they can navigate the website.

How to Utilize Netflix with a VPN?

Once you have selected a VPN vendor and register for a plan, then making use of a VPN with Netflix is simplified. Begin by downloading the VPN program and then install it on your preferred provider. When you run the application for the very first time, the list of different servers in different locations will be displayed. You can select one that is in the country where you choose to watch your favorite movie and connect.

You can verify your IP address by visiting This website will show you your present IP address, and indicate the location of the address on the map. Ensure that the Internet Protocol address matches with the exact location you intend to access Netflix from.

By now, you can open your web browser and visit You will be presented with a version of the website that correlates with your VPN server location.

Thus, if you selected a UK server, what you will see should be the Netflix UK version. Log in and utilize the website as usual, as you can view contents for the UK instead of your country’s content.

This method can be used to access Netflix server from any part of the world. Some simplified Netflix versions exist in US, UK, Canada, and they have a lot of contents that cannot be accessed from countries like Germany, Spain, Austria, Switzerland, Turkey, and Hong Kong.


Netflix has embarked on a mission to upgrade its bypassing of location locks on its content to make it more difficult for VPN users. While we can relate with the fact that they need to protect pricey copyright owners who make the content available, it could be controversial that they also block clients who want to remain anonymous by using a VPN. In the end, Netflix will remove global restrictions on its content, but for now, we have geo-restriction issue to deal with.