How to Get the Best Of Your VPN on Chrome

If you have made up your decision to use Chrome VPN, this article is here to help you maximize the experience and have secure internet browsing.

There are various reasons people use VPN as it has been gaining popularity among internet users from different part of the world. In an age where media reports frequent data leaks, massive surveillance, and annoying adware or advertising; anybody would want to be in charge of his or her browsing life.

Here are four tips to maximize your internet browsing experience using Chrome VPN.

1. Opt for the best VPN that suits your requirement- and go beyond freebies

This is the first approach to get the best user experience. Select the best VPN. You may be tempted to opt for free VPN, but I have realized free VPNs are not usually great options for a lot of users, especially for newbies.

This is because you will encounter a lot of compromises or breaches that can be so frustrating. A significant issue I have discovered from experience is slow and unsatisfactory connection speeds. Also, installing them could be very cumbersome. A lot of them also sell your personal information without your permission to maintain their operations. This is why buying a premium plan is perfect.

2. Save money through the yearly plan

If you have agreed to go for a premium plan, you will discover you will be saving a great deal by buying the annual subscription.

3. Install the Google Chrome extension- but that is not the end

A lot of people usually ask me if VPN extensions work. I always answer them in the affirmative, but they need to understand that utilizing a Chrome VPN add-on does not guarantee optimum security and anonymity on the internet. It won’t mask all your activities on the internet except what you do on Chrome.

You need to keep this caveat to heart. If you desire to mask all your internet operations, you will be required to download and install the main app of your chosen VPN to your operating system and not only the Google  Chrome extension.

Chrome has a lot of users globally, and it’s the primary contact a lot of users has to the internet. Nevertheless, when you are on Skype or Office 365 from the stable of Microsoft, your security will also be guaranteed and protected by the Virtual Private Network. This is huge for those who are conscious of their privacy. Who is not?

4.  Go beyond maintaining anonymity

Now that you have installed the VPN and it is ready to use, you should be aware that they do not just mask your internet activities.

Coupled with performing actions such as switching your Internet Protocol(IP) address and browsing the internet without getting worried about spooks, you have the privilege of enjoying region-customized content especially if you are a Netflix user. You can get Netflix United State content in the United Kingdom, plus a lot of perks.

Utilizing a VPN also enables you to discover better sales online. A lot of sites, most notably those in the travel niche monitor your internet activity and attempt to assign you exorbitant fees on hotels, flights, and car hire once they discovered you had shown interest. A VPN will prevent this tracking from happening as third-parties will be prevented from monitoring you.

Follow this step to install VPN

Install the Virtual Private Network extension for Chrome. The popular ones are Express VPN, Nord VPN, and some other ones.

A lot of VPN vendors designed their VPN to work on Chrome and other internet browsers. Search for the one that suits you. For instance, NordVPN encrypts your online activity and can be utilized on various platforms. From NordVPN, scroll down and then click the Chrome icon.

Click Add NordVPN to Chrome

It will direct you to the Google Chrome Webstore, add to Chrome from there, and align your preference.

Exercise a little patience while it downloads, then installs in the Chrome browser.

Once it is completed, select the NordVPN at the right corner of your address bar and input your VPN details.

VPN not working?

Then, it is ready to use.

If while using your favorite VPN on the Google Chrome and it is not working. There are two options. It is either you troubleshoot it or check out with your Internet Service Provider. This is to be sure if your connection is active. This is usually the fundamental problem among many VPN users, especially those using Windows 10. They often express break in connection as a new update comes in.


Your privacy is your responsibility. Nobody is responsible for keeping you safe. Anytime you browse on Google, most of the phishing websites are usually marked insecure. Avoid visiting unsecured sites and stay safe even while using a VPN.