Cutting Edge Technology Will Reduce Trauma in Eye Surgeries

The Aditya Jyot Foundation for Twinkling Little Eyes has acquired a new 3-D digital microscope that will allow for more surgical precision.

The new technology, the Zeiss Artevo 800, has been installed at the Aditya Jyot Hospital in Wadala. The device will be performing 5,000 free cataract and retinal surgeries on Monday for lower-income groups.

The technology eliminates binoculars which are a commonly used instrument in ophthalmology. The managing trustee of the foundation, Dr. S. Nataranjan, stated that the adoption of the technology will be most beneficial to the patients.

The newly acquired technology will allow for a less traumatic surgical experience for the eye itself. This will help with a reduced healing time for the patient.

The Zeiss Artevo 800 has two cameras that are attached to the microscope. This will produce a digital image that will then be shown on a screen. Looking at this screen is how the doctor will operate.

This will also allow for a closer magnification of the eye and allows for depth perception. Being able to see the eye this close will allow for the different layers of the eye to be visible. This will help in surgical efforts and reduce inflammation.

The eye has some of the softest tissue in the entire human body. Operating on it can cause significant damage if not done delicately.

The Bajaj Foundation is responsible for the funding that has implemented the new technology. They are also the foundation that is backing the 5,000 free surgeries that will be performed with the new machine. Madhur Bajaj, the trustee for the foundation, stated that he is happy to be able to help contribute to this technology. He stated that this is a big step for microscopic surgery in India.

The doctors are planning to train on simulators in order to learn the full functionality of the new technology that is at their fingertips.