SoftWatch Helps SMBs Move to Cloud Services Based on Analytics

SoftWatch helps organizations know how many licenses they should purchase when migrating to cloud services. SoftWatch has recently released products targeted to small businesses that help keep track of who actually uses which Office products therefore giving your organization the data it needs in order to buy the right amount of licenses when it becomes time to migrate to the cloud.
SoftWatch is available for organizations who want to try Office 365 or Google Apps for Work. Since so many small businesses are hosting their email and collaboration suites within Office 365 and Google Apps for work, the analysis that SoftWatch provides to a decision maker could potentially pay for itself multiple times over.
SoftWatch’s website denotes that it will monitor the application use in your environment starting at $99 per month. Testimonials on SoftWatch’s website indicate that some CIOs have saved between 50-80% using the SoftWatch product.
SoftWatch shows you how often legacy Office products are used within your environment. SoftWatch gives administrators access to a MS Office Usage Benchmarking tool, that shows you exactly who uses what software and how often they use it. You can segment the users even further by showing those who lightly use the services as well as those who heavily use it.
SoftWatch also has a Macro Detection feature which pinpoints the heaviest of all Office users. The idea is that you could migrate the light users who do not used the advanced features of Office into the cloud while keeping the full versions of the Office product installed for those who use the suite heavily.
Uri Arad, co-CEO of SoftWatch, was quoted as saying, “We are very pleased to introduce our analytics solution to the SMB market segment and make it easy for them to purchase and start using our software right from our website.”
Arad adds, “Our SoftWatch Benchmark now has 400,000 users and it is consistently showing that companies are overspending on MS licenses and can save substantially by transitioning to cloud-based alternatives. We believe that our solutions can help smaller companies to better manage their software assets and optimize their IT spending.”